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How to Channel Investment Toward Fighting Climate Change

How to Channel Investment Toward Fighting Climate Change

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It’s only the third month of 2020, and the world has witnessed the worst case of wildfires (read: Amazon fires in 2019), a raging coronavirus pandemic that has already broken records, and a locust plague that’s tearing through Africa as we speak.

Climate change has become a real problem.

As the future becomes more and more uncertain, people are looting entire shelves of grocery items. Metropolitan cities are running short of basic utilities like toilet paper. The poor have no means of stocking up bread and butter to prevent hunger.

While governments are inventing ways to tackle short-term problems, you must think about the long-term future of your family. Invest your savings into opportunities that’ll pay off in the long run and guarantee your well being in dire times.

Here’s why investments must be channeled to fight climate change.

Financing is Key to Decarbonizing the Earth

Climate change is a problem that affects every region in the world. As complex as the question is, solutions must be devised at a small scale and implemented on the global level. While all industries must collaborate to fight climate change, the financial sector can catalyze the process.

Even though green branding has emerged as a new marketing tactic, businesses are exploiting this cover to sell non-eco-friendly goods. ‘Green’ marketing scams are the reason why we haven’t been able to slow the process of climate change.

Eco-markets are a safer way of conducting business. But with an ever-growing global population, the aggregate expenditure on consumer goods still exceeds the production of greener goods.

There’s a dire need to reduce unnecessary spending and put that extra cash to better use. Saving it for the future and investing in precious metals is economists’ number one choice. It preserves the value of your wealth and hedges against depreciation.

The Role of the Private Sector

When you vow to become a responsible global citizenyou automatically share the duty with the government. Pinning the blame on the elected body of government is of no use. It’s time we initiate changes at an individual level as well. The private sector can be as influential in cleansing the planet as public bodies.

Alongside devising clean-energy solutions, individuals and businesses must recognize the importance of investments. An estimate of total investments that we need to decarbonize the US alone aggregated to $4.5 trillion! This shows just how far we are from where we need to be if we want a safe home for our future generations.

Curtailing excessive spending and putting those funds toward productive investments can tremendously help the cause. Change will not happen overnight. But we need to start now.

Why Precious Metal Investments

While climate change plagues the whole world, what worries individuals is the mistrust that investment companies have earned. People fear to invest their life savings in a place that offers no guarantee of lucrative returns. And that’s justifiable.

But we’re an investment company that offers precious metal investments. Time can attest to the fact that gold has and always will be the first choice of financial asset for people. It’s an excellent store of value, a hedge against inflation and even a medium of exchange in times of need.

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