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Choosing the Right Gold IRA Company

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RAs – Individual Retirement Accounts – are traditionally meant to hold stocks and funds.

However, there’s another investment you can open an IRA with that’s a doorway to larger premiums: a gold IRA account. To put it simply, a gold IRA employs gold as an alternative asset, or in a self-directed asset.

Gold is one of the few precious metals that’s approved by the IRS – Internal Revenue Service – against which you can open a self-directed IRA account. But how do you open one and how do you select the right company?

Anderson, Do Your Research

One of the first things to do, of course, is research. Go online and Google all your problems and questions. Make a list of the companies you find, and start looking for these red flags:

  • Licenses: an unlicensed company is always a bad idea, and you should run far away from them
  • Reviews: bad reviews aren’t necessarily an indicator of a company’s ill repute (often, rivals run nasty campaigns against each other, so there’s that to account for). But if the rating of the company has consistently been bad, you know what to do: run.


ad between the lines to understand what information the company is willing and unwilling to provide. This will help you see how transparent they are.

Little things such as the provision of receipts are testaments to a company’s authenticity. Also, be very sure to ask a lot of questions about their buyback policies, because they have no reason to hide them from you.

We, at Orion Metal Exchange, never hide this piece of information (and others) from our clients. We value transparency and know that you’re making an investment for life by working with us. Our terms, conditions, and policies are all laid out for everyone to see.

Reach Out

A good IRA company will be more than willing to accommodate you and your questions. They will provide their number or a contact form online, through which you can connect with them. Use these channels to reach out and talk to them.

Be on the lookout for good customer service. Poor customer service is a major red flag.

Also note if they sound authoritative: they should sound like they know all there is to know about precious metals and IRAs. If they don’t, even if they are legitimate, they could seriously bungle the process.

We are always here to answer your questions, so feel free to give us a call at 1-800-559-0088 today.

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