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Creative Ideas to Store Gold in Your Home

creative ideas for storing gold

Given just how valuable and expensive gold is, it must be stored in a safe and secure place that ensures that it does not get damaged or stolen but is still easily accessible to you. If you are looking for creative ideas to store gold in your home – other than just keeping it in a safe – we’ve got plenty of ideas for you to try:

Under the Floorboards

If you’ve got hardwood flooring, some of the floorboards can be lifted up to store gold in the subspace under them. Then, you can place a rug or any furniture on that spot to keep the gold extra secured and hidden.

In the Chimney

Many old homes come with chimneys and recessed fireplace spaces. These spaces offer a great spot for storing gold. Of course, if you do this, be sure to take extra precautions to keep the gold protected from any leftover soot, and don’t use the fireplace while your gold is being stored there.  

In Frozen Meat

To get a little extra creative, you can store gold bars and coins in frozen meat kept in the freezer. The cold temperatures don’t affect the gold, and if you want to keep it hidden, no one will suspect looking in the bag of frozen mincemeat.

Inside Furniture

While you can keep gold in your drawers and cabinets, you can get a bit more creative with storing it by keeping it literally inside the furniture. For example, you can store it inside the couch cushions and surrounded by padding or keep it in the space behind the drawers in a chest of drawers.

In Potted Plants

If you keep large indoor plants in planters, you can store gold in those planters. Secure the gold safely in a pallet and then bury that pallet under the soil. Plant a houseplant on top of that, and your gold will be completely undetectable.

In Wall Insulation

You can also store gold by securing it to your wall or attic beams and studs. Place insulation sheets on top of it, and then go about placing the drywall as usual. If you do use this method, secure the gold to stronger beams or closer to the ground so that it does not fall away.

wall insulation

While these creative ideas might be good for storing gold in the short run, keeping gold in the house is not the best idea. If you want to keep your gold safe and secure, consider getting a safety deposit box at your bank.

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