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Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Platinum

a platinum bullion

Platinum offers the kind of investment longevity that a diversified portfolio seeks, facilitated by both long and short-term demand determinants. According to the World Platinum Investment Council, platinum is an exceptional portfolio diversifier when it comes to tangible assets. Many investors aren’t familiar with the return on investments that platinum offers as a metal 30 times rarer than gold.

The pricing predictions for next year indicate the platinum market will remain stable for the most part, with more economic stability leading to increased investment in precious metals.

Metal exchange companies in the US offer a thorough market update and investor solutions for clients wanting to invest in platinum products.

Here’s everything you need to know about investing in platinum.

Inflation Proof

Platinum’s prices are likely to rise during inflation. This means there’s no asset depreciation, as in the case of stocks. Investors take platinum to be an effective option also because it’s rarer than gold and silver. Platinum thus has a counter-cyclical relationship with inflation and is the safest investment option during economic distress.

Zero to No Correlation with Traditional Assets

The only factors that platinum depends on are its supply and demand. This means all platinum reserves and assets are about to become pricier since it’s a rare metal. The metal has the least correlation with the share market, public equity funds, or fixed income assets.

Can You Invest in Platinum ETFs?

Yes. Investment in platinum ETFs has grown in recent years. Apart from the US, Asian markets have also shown a keen interest in platinum investments over the years.

If you’re fretting about the ETF profit model, go for the individual retirement account at Orion Metal Exchange.

Not the Top Choice for Shorter Investment Windows

Most platinum is excavated in South Africa, where political and economic volatility can sometimes intensify. This means even when the supply and demand charts for platinum are stable, there can still be a price hike due to economic instability. Platinum investment is therefore not suitable for short-term investments.

For beginner investors, investing in gold coins is still a better option.


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