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Everything You Need to Know About IRA Accounts

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Being money-hungry isn’t a bad thing, but not handling money carefully certainly is. Whether that’s being spendthrift or not planning for the future, it’s all equally dangerous and will eventually ruin a person’s financial strength.

When it comes to investing, the best way to go about it is to think of both the short-term and the long-term. Prioritizing one over the other will be a decision that won’t go down well, so carefully planning out your investments is the sensible thing to do.

One smart way to go about it is to invest in precious metal IRAs. Let’s first look at what IRAs are and how a precious metal IRA benefits a person.

What’s an IRA?

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a simple savings account geared towards building a person’s wealth for their retirement stage while also providing multiple benefits. This long-term investment option is an excellent source of building steady wealth without incurring any major risk.

Benefits of an IRA

Easily Accessible

This is an investment option available for people to utilize rather than being a program offered by employers. Setting up IRAs is fairly simple, and since there are IRA custodians to assist people in handling the accounts, it’s also easy to manage.

Tax Benefits

Investing in IRAs provides multiple tax benefits. As the tax is deferred when the amount is cashed in, the contributions to the IRA are made tax-deductible.

Different Types of IRAs

Traditional IRAs

Traditional IRAs are where simple contributions are made, and they can be considered tax – deductible.

Roth IRAs

The difference between traditional and Roth IRAs is that the contributions in these accounts are made after the tax has been deducted from the person’s income. This means that the account holder has their money grow tax-free.

How is a Precious Metal IRA Different?

While traditional IRAs allow the account holder to put their money into traditional investment streams such as stocks, bonds, and funds, precious metal IRAs also include the option to invest in precious metals such as gold and silver.

This combines the benefits of an IRA account with the distinctive benefits of precious metals, making it a very attractive option for investors.

If you believe a gold IRA or a silver IRA is something that would suit you, get in touch with us at Orion Metal Exchange and let us help you get started. Don’t consider us your financial planner, consider us your financial partner!

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