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Factors that Will Affect Inflation in The Future

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The biggest issue in the world right now is soaring inflation. When prices of everyday items like grocery rise, the purchasing power of people gets affected as their wages stay the same. It also becomes a huge financial concern if a person is planning on retiring soon or saving up money for something important like their kid’s college education.  

Learn about the factors that will impact inflation in the world and what you can do about it.

Natural Disasters

While some parts of America are experiencing droughts others are being battered by hurricanes and storms. This will have an impact on the food basket of the country and lead to the prices of key crops rising.

This would result in people having to spend more to purchase the same quantity of food goods. It will also diminish the value of the US dollar and the savings in people’s bank accounts. This is bad news for investors who need to be proactive and start to hedge inflation by investing in precious metals such as gold and silver.

The War in Ukraine

The current war has led to the price of gas rising rapidly, particularly in the European Union. This has led to protests from the residents in these countries, who need the energy commodity to keep temperatures ambient in buildings and facilities. The increase in prices has also affected the industries in Europe that are passing on the extra cost to the consumers. This has ramifications for people across the globe, including in the US.

After-Shocks of the Pandemic

Although the worst of the pandemic is behind us, people are still feeling the aftereffects of the pandemic in supply chains. The prices of shipping are still high which adds to the costs of products that are imported. This leads to consumers having to spend a higher amount even for critical things like life-saving medication.

Gold Offers a Safety Net

As the US dollar continues to lose its value due to rising inflation, investors are looking at putting their savings into precious metals such as gold. Gold is one of the safest investments during times of inflation. Investors that include gold can offset any losses that other investments in your portfolio may experience during this time.

Gold bars.

Choose a Reliable Precious Metal Exchange

Orion Metal Exchange is an experienced gold and silver investment company, that offers our clients high-quality silver, gold, platinum, palladium bullions, and coins that help us shield ourselves from the effects of inflation. Our in-house IRA department is cognizant of the losses retirees have suffered in the stock market and offers them unparalleled support to open precious metals IRAs for a safe nest egg.

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