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Facts About Traveling Internationally with Gold on Airplanes

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Countless stories floating around out on the internet are meant to scare people into thinking carrying high-value items (gold and silver) while traveling is dangerous, but these stories can be misleading and even incorrect. If you’re planning to travel with precious metals, let’s dig a little deeper into what you should know about traveling with gold on an airplane.

There Are Restrictions to Be Careful Of

Gold bought or produced in countries like Sudan, Iran or Cuba cannot be brought to the United States. Also, gold coins are properly marked by the country of issuance. Keep in mind that importing counterfeit coins is strictly prohibited.

Spendable Gold Coins Must Also Be Declared

Gold coins will be treated similar to cash and as a form of currency if a person brings it as spendable currency. The person will have to complete a form FinCen 105 form if the value of the spendable asset is more than $ 10,000.

Gold Must Be Declared

Gold bullion, medals, or coins need to be declared to a customs and border protection officer. One good news is that there is no duty on these gold instruments.

Talk to Your Travel Agent

While traveling in America, getting through an airport with your gold jewelry is usually easy. However, traveling internationally with gold can be a different story. Many countries have very tough laws when it comes to smuggling, which is why it is important to do your research.

Simply visit the customs website of the country you plan to visit to read up on regulations like duties. You can also just ask an experienced travel agent. Ask as many simple questions as possible like, “How much gold can you carry while flying?”

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