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Forecast Of When Each Precious Metal Will Run Out

Forecast Of When Each Precious Metal Will Run Out

Precious metals, while being an excellent investment hedge against inflation, are non-renewable. There is a limited amount of gold, silver, and platinum that exists underground. A huge chunk of known reserves has been mined already. How long until we run out? What happens when the reserves are depleted? How does this affect your gold and silver storage? Read ahead to find out.


About 200,000 tonnes of gold have been mined throughout history, and the Higher Council for Scientific Research in Spain predicts our present reserves will run out by 2050, 27 years from now. With the advancement in mining methods, the supply of gold has been steady over the last few decades. In fact, of the total mined gold throughout history, about two-thirds have been taken out after 1970.

However, even if the mining amount declines annually, gold production will likely take decades and will only gradually decline, much to the delight and relief of precious metal investment companies.

Additionally, the world will probably invest in higher-priced gold if the current reserves deplete. Current reserves are the mining sites in the United States, Ghana, Indonesia, etc., that have extracted the largest gold reserves in the past decades. These mines are easier to extract from because they are not deep and have large amounts of gold, so it is economically feasible to mine gold here. It does not mean that they will run out of gold once they are depleted.

Gold coins and bullions.

Instead, the world will either opt for higher prices to make up for mining costs in new locations or will recycle the gold. Although gold is a non-renewable source, it is still recyclable since it is unreactive and not easily tarnished. Daily life objects like our cell phones have traces of gold in them. If gold availability becomes a priority, the world will take measures to recycle or discover new reserves.


For those who have opened a silver IRA, you may not have much cause for concern as the silver prices will likely spike up once the world’s economical mining sites run out of the metal by 2037. Silver is used widely in industry because of its affordability and malleability. Our home appliances, automobiles, and tableware all contain silver. Once the supply reaches production limits, it will likely see a price surge because of industrial demand.

A mountainous ore site.

Recycling silver is pricier than mining it from reserves today. However, there’s no knowing if it will stay the same as the reserves deplete. The cost of operations finding and extracting silver from deeper reserves will be very high. If the world wants to continue reaping the benefits of silver, it will have to commodify it at a higher price in the upcoming years.


A BBC report suggests the world will run out of minable platinum reserves before 2030. Being one of the rarest elements found on earth, platinum will become more expensive. Platinum prices will see a spike once a rising industrial demand is met with reduced production.

Most platinum reserves are present in South Africa. Operational costs have prompted a decline in the production of the metal, which has led to falling prices; however, precious metal storage companies are not eager to let it go because the plummet is not permanent.

Platinum is used in the three-way catalyzation of car exhaust fumes into harmless compounds. The world’s conscious move toward cleaner energy and stricter pollution laws is increasing the demand for platinum, palladium, and rhodium metals. These metals are installed in catalytic convertors inside car engines to convert carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides to less harmless substances before releasing them into the atmosphere. This will keep platinum in rising demand in the upcoming future.

A pile of silver-colored coins.

Despite their limited lifespan, precious metals exchange is a great way to diversify an investment portfolio to avoid losses during rising inflation. If you are looking to buy gold and silver coins, we can help. Our gold and silver investment company not only offers you gold and silver products but also helps you in getting insured best precious metals ira to secure your investment. Contact us now to get started.

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