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The clock is ticking for precious metal reserves. These precious whites and golds have helped us for centuries. But there will come a time when the sun will finally set on the existing precious metal reserves.

This will be a serious blow to the investment industry. Investors have relied on gold and silver investments for centuries and the mining industry is looking for new metal reserves to launch excavation projects.

But the process of excavation and refinement is tedious. Individuals need a ready solution to secure their finances—now! It’s important that we follow a timeline of when each precious metal will run out and strategize our financial plans accordingly.

Precious Metal Rankings

If you’re wondering how and why gold and silver are able to make headlines, it’s because of their rarity. However, contrary to popular belief, white metal is superior to gold in terms of rarity.

In 2019, 27,000 metric tons of silver were produced, compared to 3,300 metric tons of gold, 210 metric tons of palladium and 180 metric tons of platinum.

These four precious metals have sustained the global economy for centuries. They have not only directed consumption patterns but also remained at the precipice of the investment industry.

What are Reserves?

When you read about precious metal reserves, you may imagine a mine full of gold or silver. In essence, this term encapsulates the economic viability of extracting these metals. It does not portray a clear picture of how much of the precious metals remain on the planet.

This is an engineering estimate that shows how lucrative it would be for the mining industry to concentrate their efforts in a particular area. For instance, if region A were to have 0.1g of gold, would it be viable to dig out gold ores? No.

To say that a metal will run out soon means that this claim is based on the availability and viability of current reserves.

The Effect of Price and Investment Prospects

While we think that the deterioration of natural resources is why gold is running out, it’s not. It’s possible to push forward the expiration date on reserves. So if the market value of any of the precious metals were to rise, it’ll be economically viable and profitable to mine more. Hence, more reserves.

What pushes the prices to go up is the market demand. The primary way of doing that is to invest more in these precious metals so that you and your future generations will have a shot at a financially secure future as well.

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