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Fun Facts about Gold

Fun Facts about Gold

Who doesn’t wish to own the eye-pleasing gold bullions bars and sparkling gold coins? Gold is a high-valuable asset and has been for several years. It was first discovered way back in 3000 BC and has been a symbol of wealth and superiority ever since.

You might have heard of the phrase “All that glitters isn’t gold”—well, for centuries, all that glittered was gold. Gold has a significant value in today’s world, and so it did for several years and decades of the past. It’s been pivotal in stabilizing economies and granting a status symbol for the royal kingships and the Greek gods.

Gold has a rich history as it became an integral part of the world economy. There are several fun facts about this precious metal that you wouldn’t have heard before. Here are a few:

A Gift from space

Top geologists of the world are almost certain that gold wasn’t meant to be a substance on earth—but came to us as a result of a meteor shower caused by the destruction of exotic stars in the galaxy over two billion years ago.

Treasures in the Ocean

It’s been stated that there’re about 10 billion tons of gold buried under the ocean. But the gold reservoirs are a mile or two underwater, making it almost impossible to extract. If you’re looking to make some serious wealth—ocean mining can help you with it.

Gold on Earth’s Surface

It’s estimated that about 170,000 tons of gold have been extracted from the earth’s surface to date. 50% of it has been molded into jewelry, 40% is stored in banks, while 10% is used in science and food production.

Only Metal That’s Yellow

Gold is the only metal in the entire world that is truly yellow or naturally ‘golden’. Other metals may take a yellow shape upon reacting with other metals. But if it’s yellow and shines—it’s gold.

The Origin of Symbol

You might have wondered why gold is denoted as ‘Au’ on the periodic table while it doesn’t have any relevance to the name’s initials. That’s because the element symbol on the periodic table comes from its old Latin name ‘aurum’ which means ‘shining dawn’.

Other Fun Facts

  • Gold is non-toxic and doesn’t have a harmful effect if eaten.
  • The gold material takes in maximum light, which makes it glow
  • It is low reactive, which makes it odorless and tasteless
  • Gold comes from Russia, South Africa, China, Australia, Peru, and Canada.
Gold on Earth's Surface

Gold—a Brilliant Investment

One of the top qualities of gold is that it’s an excellent investment that withstands economic downfalls and hardly ever suffers a loss.

Orion Metal Exchange is a gold and silver investment company in Los Angeles with extensive experience of 50 years. If you’re looking to invest in gold coins or to buy gold bullion bars, we’ll help you construct a proper plan for maximum benefits in the future.

Contact us at 1-800-559-0088 to learn how to invest in gold or book an appointment with our investment experts.

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