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Future of Investments in the Current US Economy

Future of Investments in the Current US Economy

Recent turbulence in the financial sector comes against rising interest rates in the US, the looming debt default scenario, and heightened geopolitical tensions. Investors are facing a challenging environment today and are deeply concerned about the state of the economy.

Many fear that in an attempt to reduce inflation, the Feds may tip the economy into a recession which can erode their investments and savings. The future of investments, especially conventional stocks, equities, bonds, and even crypto, looks bleak.

Therefore, it is important to diversify your portfolio and invest in commodities such as tangible precious metals that are a hedge against inflation. Let’s look at the future of conventional investments in the current economic state and why investing in precious metals is a viable diversification strategy.

State of Equities and Bonds in The Current Scenario

While the Fed has raised interest rates to the highest level since 2007, many equity investors are beginning to see their earnings gradually erode. As interest rates rise, it becomes more difficult and expensive for businesses to obtain the necessary funding to sustain and grow. This has a detrimental effect on their earnings and subsequent share prices.

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Recently, stocks have taken a bit of a beating, and while a small percentage of investors may have recovered some of the losses from 2022, the markets are not expected to sustain an upward trend due to the current market climate. For example, the S&P 500 peaked at under 4800 in January last year. The index dropped to a low of 2577 in October 2022, representing a decline of around 25%.

Simply put, you may have lost close to 25% of your investment value if you invested in the market in January last year. This represents a big decline, especially if you’ve invested a major chunk of your savings in the S&P 500.

Even bond markets are trading in quite a narrow range. The 10-year US Treasury note yields have fluctuated between 3% and 4.25% since October last year. It is widely predicted that they will hover around the same range for a considerable period in the future.

Investing For the Future

So the question remains, where should you invest to protect the purchasing power of savings and investments? While the economic uncertainty persists, investors must diversify their portfolios. Investors with a major chunk of their investments in the stocks and bonds market may need to prepare themselves for a potential asset repricing.

Investing For the Future

If there’s a significant cut in consumer spending, businesses will experience reduced corporate profit growth, reflected in lower stock prices. The extent of the damage is always unclear, but investors have to place a significant emphasis on such factors.

The stakes are pretty high, and the economic and investment landscape of the next ten years may look significantly different from the past few decades. It may be an excellent time to review your investment plans, examine alternative strategies and diversify your portfolio to protect your wealth.

It may be time to look beyond traditional stock investment, move away from the volatility of cryptocurrencies, and opt for a stable and resolute, resilient investment that generates healthy and consistent returns even in turbulent economic times.

So, how can you protect your investments? The answer is quite simple. It is time to diversify into precious metals.

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

Unlike traditional paper-based investments, stocks, bonds, and fiat currencies, precious metals have withstood the test of time and have maintained value for thousands of years. In the current economic climate, focusing on investments that can offer long-term stability and help protect your purchasing power would be a wise decision.

Tangible precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, have never gone to zero in value and can help protect against inflation. A properly diversified portfolio will consist of tangible precious metals, and can help protect your purchasing power during economic boom or bust.

Why Invest in Precious Metals

Smart Investing with Orion Metal Exchange

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