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Gold and Platinum: Is One Better Than the Other

Understanding Platinum as an Investment

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Be it for purposes of vanity or financial goals of investment—precious metal has always been important.

And the popularity isn’t all because of its oh-so-appealing lustrous quality. It’s even more so because it adds a sparkle to your investment portfolio and buckles you up for what the future beholds.

That said, the next big step is to decide which precious metal to choose as your security hedge against unforeseen financial crises. The industry offers an array of options to choose from, with more grounds than just the appearance to compare them on. Two prominent contestants are gold and platinum.

Let’s see what this piece has to uncover about the two choices.

Role of Precious Metals in The Global Market

Tales as old as time have shown that treasures of hidden gold have lured bandits from afar. These precious metals are some of the rarest metals found on earth and have been refined to become the symbol of wealth that they are today.

What dates back to coffers full of gold coins in the strongest kingdoms has now translated into a modern industry of precious metal as a form of investment. They’re now industrial commodities that are increasingly emerging as a currency that has stood the test of time and economic crises.

These precious metals are mined every year and accumulate in the existing stock of metal. The global market for these metals is on the rise, owing to the various industrial uses of these metal commodities. From jewelry to manufacturing and now investment funds—all these are boosting the economic performance of precious metal.

Differences between Platinum And Gold

Like every other thing in life, there’s a hierarchy in precious metals as well. Their rank in this hierarchy purely reflects their material value. Perched at the top is platinum (yes it may come as a surprise that it’s not gold.) In value and quality, platinum is above all other metals and this explains why it’s more pricey than gold.

Even though the geological placement of platinum in earth’s crust explains why it’s so rare and treasured, it also makes its extraction more cumbersome. But that’s not all that drives their price and determines their monetary value.

The forces of demand and supply come into play as well. At present, the supply of gold is way above that of platinum, and in more countries than just South Africa (where the latter is primarily found). If anything were to happen to the supply of platinum in the few areas where it’s mined, the prices will hike up. On the contrary, gold prices are less likely to be affected by the supply because it’s being mined in every corner of the world.

Which One to Choose

With all the specifications of both metals explained, the final call is yours. However, what’ll help you in making this decision is to look at market trends for each metal before betting all your money.

Since both are precious, rare metals the prices are unlikely to waver drastically but market forces do cause some fluctuations at times. However, if you’re entirely unsure about both or both seem promising assets, it would be wise to divide your investments equally between both. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

For more on how to go about your investment plan, call us at 1-800-559-0088. We’re an investment company and can help you pitch your money in the safest bet!

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