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Gold Bullion Bars vs. Coins: What to Invest in

Stacked Gold assets of bullion bars and coins

Most Americans are interested in investing for a sustainable future. According to statistics, about 58 percent of households across the country own at least one stock market share. Along with stock bonds, people also invest in gold to make money and secure their investors’ portfolios for the future.

Ways to Buy Gold

There are several ways to buy gold and trade it for a better value in the market. Some of the common methods of gold ownership are listed below:

Gold ETF

Gold Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) is a way to acquire gold ownership through agreements. Such ownership wouldn’t allow you to possess gold in its physical form, but you can trade it according to the fluctuating market prices.

Gold Futures

Gold futures allow you to buy gold at a certain price and get it delivered at the time of your choice. Investors use this ownership by predicting a higher value of gold in the future and buying the precious metal at the current low rate.

Gold Bullion Bars

Gold bars are the most common and popular types of gold investments. These bars are valued, bought, and sold according to their weight.

Gold Bullion Coins

It’s common for gold manufacturers to mint the precious metal as coins and sell them as per their quality and weight. Gold is often kept as coins for future use in the jewelry industry.

Gold Coins & Bars – What Do You Need to Know?

Purchasing gold in its physical form is an excellent strategy to safeguard your assets during economic uncertainty. Many investors hedge their investment portfolio with gold bars, coins and heavier bricks.

The bars are thin, rectangular slabs manufactured by private mints. They are compact, stackable, and easy-to-store for an extended period. In contrast, gold coins are minted in a circular shape and can be heavy or light depending on the quality of gold.

However, one thing about gold bars that makes investors reluctant is that the owner has to pay a certain fee for their off-site storage. Also, insurance premiums must be paid to keep the metal.

Facts about Gold Bars

  • Gold bars are the preferred choice for big investors that don’t have a problem ensuring secure gold storage.
  • Big gold bricks are tough to trade at a full value compared to smaller bars.
  • Gold bars are well-packed and sealed for durability.

Facts about Gold Coins

  • They’re more collectible and easy to store.
  • They’re ideal for trading in times of emergency.
  • You have to pay a premium for coin ownership.
  • Gold coins may devalue with time.
A close up of gold bars and coins

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