The last recession to hit the global economy was in 2007, and it seems like another recession is around the corner with the world economy battling the debilitating effects of COVID-19. A question racing in everyone’s mind is how to come out of this impending economic stagnation unscathed?

The World Gold Council seems to believe the answer lies in gold investments. With reports of a 17% increase in the US dollar gold price during the first half of the year, now seems to be as good a time as any to place your money on gold.

Financial Stability

Gold provides financial insurance that your other assets cannot give you. Precious metals, unlike property and stocks, do not rely as heavily on the economic climate to fluctuate.

Due to gold’s tendency to move up as the dollar value decreases, any economic uncertainty will always play. Researchers believe the pandemic is set to last longer than anticipated, making for a prolonged economic instability period. Although unfortunate, this means that the value of your gold is increasing exponentially. Whether you choose to cash out or leave it untouched, it is a win-win situation.

Less Upkeep

During a global crisis, stocks and property investments are hard hit. Companies and landowners alike find it difficult to make ends meet. This, in turn, leaves investors struggling to gain a substantial profit.

A lot of landlords are currently facing protests from tenants due to the inability to pay rent. Such volatile investments result in a loss of income flow, and a need for adjustments to meet growing demands during the pandemic.

However, gold is considered a very low effort investment. While shareholders need to keep a constant check on equity value and landowners, have to chase down tenants for timely rent, gold, in comparison, has a less stressful upkeep process. You could leave your gold in its vault for months and rest easy knowing that you are still gaining a massive profit.

Should You Invest?

It’s no secret that gold is considered a safe-haven investment during global recessions. All market charts predict a rise in gold value and price, which makes for an ideal situation during a time when everyone is worried about making money. Whether you choose to invest in gold coins or bullions, the outcome seems to be positive.

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