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The Role of Gold Coins in Wealth Preservation: A Hedge Against Inflation

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Inflation has become a significant concern for investors. Current data points towards continued “uncomfortably high” U.S. inflation and ballooning government deficits. As a result, investors are actively seeking protection against these risks. While gold has a well-established reputation as a long-term hedge against inflation, its short-term performance may not always be as convincing. Physical gold should be utilized as a long-term investment hedge, not a short-term speculative investment vehicle.

Exploring Gold’s Historical Role as an Inflation Hedge

When exploring the 70s, a significant period of high inflation in the U.S., we can draw valuable lessons about gold’s track record as an investing hedge. During this time, as the average inflation rate surged to approximately 8.8% between 1974 and 1979 due to oil price shocks and energy shortages, gold emerged as an incredible inflationary hedge, delivering mind-boggling returns.

Exploring Gold's Historical Role as an Inflation Hedge

The Allure of Gold Coins: Diversification and Resilience

Gold coins offer several advantages for investors looking to hedge their portfolios. One of the key benefits lies in the low or even negative correlation that gold coins historically exhibit in comparison to stocks and bonds, making them a valuable tool for diversification.

A notable example of gold’s resilience was during the Covid-19 pandemic market turmoil in early 2020. While the S&P 500 plummeted, the value of gold coin premiums jumped due to supply chain issues.

The purchase demand for gold continues to rise among investors and central banks. The World Gold Council reports a substantial 28% year-over-year increase in global gold demand during Q3 of 2022. As the allure of gold continues to grow, the potential benefits of diversifying and safeguarding investment portfolios become more evident.

Buying Gold Coins at Orion Metal Exchange

Gold coins play a key role in wealth preservation. Tangible precious metals act as an inflationary hedge and can provide sustainable returns over time. If you want to secure your financial future and diversify your investment portfolio with gold coins, look no further than Orion Metal Exchange.

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