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Gold-Filled vs. Gold-Plated Investments – 4 Differences

Gold-Filled vs. Gold-Plated Investments – 4 Differences

Are you curious about the difference between gold-plated and gold-filled pieces? Both might sound confusing, and you might have thought both are the same. It’s crucial to know what they are if you’re planning on investing in them.  

Although both are made of gold, they are quite different in terms of several categories. Here’s what you should know before investing in gold-filled or gold-plated investments.

1. What Is Gold-Filled And Gold-Plated Jewelry Made Of?

Gold-filled pieces are made using gold alloys and a core metal. The core metal is sandwiched between the allowed pieces, heated, and passed through a roller. This process bonds the pieces together.

Gold plated pieces are made using a process called electroplating. It involves passing an electric current through the base metal piece in a gold ion solution. Gold is coated onto the dipped metal piece. The coating thickness depends on the gold present in the solution.

2. Which One Is More Durable?

Gold-filled pieces generally have a thicker amount of gold surrounding the metal than gold-plated pieces. Although durability depends on the use of metal, environmental changes, and metal quality, gold-filled pieces show greater durability than gold-plated pieces.

Gold-filled pieces can last longer if they’re properly cared for, while gold can be removed from gold-plated pieces easily from wear and tear.

3. Do They Tarnish?

As the gold-filled pieces are made from gold alloys, the alloy can contain some properties of the metal bonded. They can react under special circumstances, which can tarnish their appearance. However, they don’t lose their luster as quickly than gold-plated pieces that can lose plating quite easily, making them susceptible to tarnishing.

4. Which One is Worth More?

Even though both items contain gold, gold-filled pieces have a higher concentration. Gold-plated pieces have a thin layer over the base metal. It means that gold-filled pieces are worth more than the other ones.

A couple of rings made from gold filled pieces

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