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Gold has been considered a profitable investment for centuries. The fluctuating economic situation is one of the main reasons why more people are now investing in precious metals.

Even though other precious metals are becoming popular among the masses, gold is still the most sought-after precious metal as its value increases during volatile economic conditions.

Investors believe that gold helps them retain their purchasing power and safeguards against inflation. Before you invest in gold, it’s vital that you understand the tax implications of owning gold.

Tax implications

While there are no tax restrictions on the physical ownership of gold, the IRS considers gold to be a collectible.

Since the IRS taxes these assets as collectibles, long-term capital gains are subject to a 28% income tax. Long-term gains only apply when you’ve owned gold for more than a year.

How each form of gold is taxed

Electronic gold and certificate gold is taxed at 28 percent. For people who are unfamiliar with the two terms, a gold certificate is given to you to acknowledge your investment in the precious metal.

This is perfect for individuals who don’t want the burden of storing gold and want to leave the responsibility of storage to the bank.

When you receive a gold certificate, it’s quite possible that you don’t ever see the gold you own but still reap the benefits.

Meanwhile, buying electronic gold is another great way of making sure that you give yourself the best chance of maximizing your investment by allowing companies to buy and sell gold for you.

Should you invest in gold?

Regardless of tax implications, the fact remains that gold is a great investment whichever way you look at it.

Don’t be put off by the IRS and high taxes! In a perfect world, gold would be part of everyone’s investment portfolio as it’s ideal in a time of geopolitical uncertainty.

The defining trait of gold is that it thrives in times of financial uncertainty, and its value generally moves opposite to the economic situation.

It also acts as an insurance policy against inflation. Successful investment also depends largely on the precious metal company you choose!  

Successful investment also depends largely on the precious metal company you choose!  

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