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Here’s Why Investing in Precious Metals is Better than Real Estate

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Due to financial instability, a growing number of people are taking out their money from stocks and bonds and investing in alternative assets. The two most common choices available to them are precious metals and real estate. In this post, we explain why investing in precious metals is more stable than investing in real estate properties.

Real Estate and the Crash of 2008

The devastating financial crash of 2008 happened because the Wall Street started combining low quality mortgages with selling securities as collateralized debt obligations.

When the real estate bubble burst, the whole economy crashed.  This is why a lot of investors have sworn not to go near real estate investments ever again.  Currently, due to the Fed hike in interest rates, buying properties has become more expensive and a lot of homeowners are struggling to pay their mortgages. 

Real estate Investments Involve a lot of Hassle

Managing real estate properties can be quite a hassle. To have a successful multi-housing income, you need to research to try to find the right property. Similarly, you will constantly have to manage the property and find good tenants.

In this economy, where people are struggling, people are not prepared to pay a lot of rent either. This is why property owners might even struggle to get decent rents and even face the risk of them being vacant for months.

Precious Metals Thrive in Uncertainty

When the economy is in turmoil, precious metals tend to perform well. Assets like gold and silver don’t experience the wild fluctuations that stocks and bonds do. This makes them ideal for people looking to build a retirement fund or fund for their children’s education. Investors can easily open a precious metals IRA account and enjoy tax benefits on their investments.

They also have fewer hassles as you only have to deal with one precious metal exchange when you choose to store gold and other precious metals at home. This makes them ideal for people who don’t want to manage different tenants or continuously be on the lookout for property management laws.


Work with a Reliable Precious Metal Exchange

Looking to invest in alternative investments such as gold? Orion Metal Exchange is a gold investment dealer that is accredited with the BBB and enjoys a 4.9 rating on Consumer Affairs. We offer premium quality gold, silver, platinum, palladium bullions, and coins in the country. Our one-window solution makes it a hassle-free experience and gives our clients much-needed peace of mind.

We work with our clients to open their precious metals IRA account and also have a fee-free buy-back policy. 

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