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Home Safe Storage or Secure Vault Storage – what’s Your Best Bet?

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There is no shortage of Do-It-Yourself home storage blogs and articles on the internet that share clever ways homeowners can store their valuables.

These include out-of-the-box ideas like hollowing out the space under a bathroom tile or leveraging the unhinged space under the stairs.

However, despite your best efforts, it can prove very difficult not to disclose the location of your valuables with a gun placed to your head (yes, that happens).

There are even cases where the thieves turned out to be loved ones who knew where the precious metals were hidden.

In this blog, we’ll explain why storing your valuables inside the home is a bad idea and why it’s better to use secure vault storage.

The Downside of Storing Valuables inside the Home

There are endless possibilities of things that could go wrong when storing valuables inside the house. The most obvious one is theft. Even if you decide to bypass hidden spots and go for a storage vault, thieves will know exactly where to look.

It may be difficult for someone to break in, but if a burglar has gone through the trouble of breaking into your home, you can rest assured they have the means to break into your vault as well!

No amount of preparation can safeguard a house against a natural disaster or a freak fire that causes the whole house to collapse. Should that happen, is there any guarantee that you’ll be able to excavate your valuables from all the rubble?

When storing precious metals inside your home, it’s only logical to keep it a secret from everyone else. But what happens if you’re incapacitated or simply pass away?

There’s a good chance no one will find your assets until a couple of years have passed. One way of getting around this problem is to reveal your secret to someone (increases risk of theft) or store the details in a computer (poses a risk of hacking).

Finally, there’s always the looming threat of having your assets seized by the government. Now you may be thinking that’s also true for security vault storage, but many precious metal companies also offer offshore storage services.

The Advantages of Using a Secure Vault Storage

Unlike your home, a precious metal storage company relies on incredibly sophisticated security systems that safeguard assets even against the biggest of threats like natural disasters.

Owners gain peace of mind knowing where their valuables are and can withdraw them whenever necessary.

If someone does attempt to break into a depository (which is next to impossible), you, your house, and your family won’t suffer any losses or injuries whether it is physical or financial.

That’s because most reputable precious metal storage companies are associated with some of the top insurance agencies to protect themselves against financial disaster.

It’s important to mention that not all secure vault storages are equal. For example, storing your valuables inside a bank vault comes with its own set of risks and doesn’t offer much in terms of investment opportunities.

Working alongside a precious metal exchange like Orion Metal Exchange enables you to open up gold or precious metals IRA to invest and subsequently grow your savings.

The Conclusion

It’s safe to conclude that using secure vault storage as opposed to home storage is the smarter and more logical choice. Orion Metal Exchange is a reliable precious metal exchange company that also enables clients to buy gold coins online. They offer storage vaults in both the U.S and abroad and offer maximum security for your valuables.

Get in touch with us today for more information.

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