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How and Where to Buy Gold In 2021

Gold bars and coins

In 2020, gold proved to be the best insurance in an unstable economy; investors put their money in gold mining stocks, exchange-traded funds, and more en masse.

The most popular method remains to buy physical gold in the form of coins and bars. And with continued economic uncertainty in 2021, gold should be your top investment priority.

Here’s how to create an investment portfolio with gold:

Gold Coins vs. Bars:

You can buy physical gold in two forms: ingots (bars) or gold coins. While gold coins give you more flexibility, bars help you create a more sizable investment.

Gold coins are easier to sell because they are already proportioned, but if you want to sell a bar, you need to sell it whole.

Gold Coins:

Gold coins have existed for many centuries and are still an essential product for government mints.

If you are looking to invest in a gold IRA, you can only invest in coins with a fineness of at least 0.995. Many classic gold coins don’t fit this criterion.

However, there are many IRA-eligible gold coins to choose from, so investors can pick their coins in their choice of size and weight.

Gold Bars:

While a 400-ounce gold bar may be out of budget for many, gold mints and refineries are now creating gold bars in affordable sizes.

They have a high gold purity, making them eligible for gold IRAs, and can range from 1-gram bars up to 1-kilogram bars.

Where To Buy Gold:

Before you begin buying gold, learn a bit about different dealers. A trustworthy dealer will be willing to educate you on the best products that suit your needs, helping you avoid mistakes.

If you want to invest in gold coins and bars, the best way is to do it through a gold IRA.

Your gold IRA account allows you to transfer assets from an existing retirement account into your gold investment.

Your gold IRA will get the same tax benefits as your retirement account but holds your investment in physical gold kept in a depository.

You can take out your IRA assets any time after you retire in gold or cash.

Starting an IRA account is made easier with help from Orion Metal Exchange. Give us a call at 1-800-559-0088 to learn about the advantages of investing in gold.

With hundreds of satisfied customers, our experts ease you by creating your precious metals IRA account and helping you invest in gold to make money. Get in touch with us here to create a more financially secure future today.

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