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Do you ever wonder where the large reserves of gold are kept? Or what parameters do countries around the world take to secure gold and silver reserves? Moreover, did you ever find yourself questioning how one made sure their gold reserves were safe on a larger scale? If questions like these seem to bother you, we have made sure to let your mind finally be at ease.

25% of the world’s countries secure their gold by storing it at the largest vault ever made, i.e., The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This vault is built 30 feet below the subway and is more secure than you can think! About $200 billion worth of gold is placed there, and what’s interesting is that very little of it belongs to the US government. Anyway, let’s dive into the details of how this vault offers unmatched security:

1.     Accounts are titled with numbers, not Names

The first factor determining this vault’s security is that the accounts aren’t titled with the names of their owners, but by number. Their focus on client confidentiality reflects how much they’re concerned about security threats. Given how 48 foreign central banks have stored their precious possession in this vault, this extra careful and detailed approach makes sense.

2.     More of a fortress than a vault!

The building of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York looks much like any other building. Nevertheless, once you enter it, you will find masculine men roaming around the block with heavy weapons in their hands. But can you blame them, considering the 540,000 gold bars that the vault contains? I’m sure not.

Besides their very own security force, the vaults are secured using top-notch technology along with several alarm systems and locks.  

3.     No cameras!

Once you’re inside the building, you will have to go through a series of security checks. There are cameras installed everywhere in the building to detect any kind of suspicious activity. What’s more, is that they don’t allow you to take pictures at any point. Before you leave the building, your cell phone will be checked for any pictures that were taken.

 Vault security is the primary way to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. We at Orion Metal exchange understand that and work to secure private vault storage rentals at all costs. To learn more about our policies, visit our website or feel free to contact us.