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How Is Silver Used In Everyday Life?

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Mirror mirror on the wall; what are you made up of? While most people don’t know this, silver is most commonly used to make mirrors. However, that’s not where this metal’s utility ends.

Here you’ll find a list of applications and products in everyday life where silver is necessary.

1. Mirrors And Glass

Silver has the best reflectivity, which is why it is popularly used in applications requiring reflection. Mirrors are coated with a thin layer of silver to reflect sunlight and avoid rooms warming up.

2. Electronics

Silver has an unsurpassed authority in the electronics kingdom due to its superior thermal and electrical conductivity. Silver nitrate is used to make membrane switches, as well as, the rear defrost in cars. It is popularly used to make photovoltaic cells for solar energy.

Other silver breakthrough technologies include various nanosilver applications, consumer electronics, batteries, superconductors, etc.

3. Jewelry And Silverware

Silver has a shiny appearance, and the material has low reactivity and high malleability. It is a rare resource and is classified as a precious metal. This means it is suitable for making beautiful ornaments. It is less costly than gold and thus, has a larger market. The visual attractiveness and cost-effectiveness of the metal make it a popular choice among users.

A shiny and beautiful silver ring

4. Silver In Medicine

Silver has gained a reputation for its antibiotic properties. It can kill bacteria and is non-toxic, which is why it has found increasing usage in the medical industry. While higher exposure to silver can cause argyria, the metal is used in good proportions for medical equipment.

Silver is used as a coating agent on surgical equipment and in ointments and wound dressings. It is used on burn victims for a quick recovery and has also found tremendous uses in the form of silver ion treatment.

5. Coins And Investment

The value of silver as a precious metal is why more people are investing in buying silver bullions. The metal is more abundant and less costly than gold which is why it has a bigger market. It has been prevalently used as a currency and commodity for times of economic instability.

Silver and gold coins placed together

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