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How Platinum Is Enabling New Technology

How Platinum Is Enabling New Technology

Technology is perhaps the most efficient way the world is progressing towards modernization. Precious metals companies know for sure the part platinum is playing in terms of driving technological innovations and developments. Being rare, durable, and valuable, this precious metal has a value even higher than that of gold.

If you’re wondering about the vast possibilities that platinum brings with itself, here’s a gist of its contributions to improving technology.

1. Platinum Is Saving lives!

Yes, you read it right! Platinum does save lives. In the field of medicine, platinum has been found to stop living cells from dividing. This affects cancerous cells and restricts them from growing in the body.

Since it resists corrosion, platinum is also used in stents, catheters, and implantable defibrillators. Platinum is, thus, used in anti-cancer drugs as well as in chemo-and radiation therapies.

Platinum Is Saving lives!

2. Platinum’s use in the automobile industry.

The use of platinum in the automobile industry lies in its ability to avoid being oxidized. For vehicles to resist corrosion, their combustion engines are lined with a thin layer of platinum. This prevents pollutants and toxic gases from damaging the control devices. In easier words, platinum in cars reduces poor engine performance, dark smoke emission and improves overall acceleration.

3. Platinum Powers up your House

Did you know that majority of the electronics in your house use cells that are powered by platinum?  That’s right! Household appliances such as clocks, torches, doorbells, remote controllers, etc., are all powered by fuel cells that consist of platinum. 

Platinum in fuel cells reduces oxygen reaction, improving battery life and safety around the house. The good news is that platinum-induced fuel cells are not only reliable and cleaner but also cost-effective. In comparison to diesel generators, fuel cells are a much safer alternative.

Today, many of the households in rural areas are without electricity, and fuel cells are making all the difference to the lives of the people there. 

At least, now you know what to add to your private vault storage. A little investment now could be all you need in the future. Visit our FAQs section to learn more about investing in metals and why we are the best option to date!   

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