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Recently, the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which runs from Russia to northeastern Germany, was damaged, plunging Europe into a deeper energy crisis. While the continent has lofty renewable energy targets, it still relies on gas from countries such as Russia to power its housing and industrial infrastructure.

Learn about the impact of the gas cut-off on the continent and how it can affect the stock markets all around the world.

Prices Have Risen

The disruption in gas supply couldn’t have come at a worse time. With winter fast approaching, the whole continent, including small-scale investors, is feeling the pinch. 

The cut-off has led to blackouts and energy shortfall across the continent, especially in countries that don’t have reserves stored up as Germany has. The soaring energy prices have led to widespread protests and public anger, who are calling on the government to shield them from the extraordinary energy rates.

Prices of everyday essentials have risen exponentially. Countries are resorting to rationing supplies and raising prices sharply to keep the lights on. 

Stock Markets Have Taken a Hit

Stock markets across Europe and America went down almost immediately after the news first came out. This left investors very anxious who were still reeling from the uncertainty created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It also serves as a timely reminder about the importance of diversifying one’s investment portfolio. 

How Can Gold Help?

Investors looking for an alternative asset can start diversifying their portfolios by investing in gold. Gold is a proven asset that can help them mitigate the present-day volatilities the world is currently facing. Inflation causes currencies like the US dollar and Euro to lose value. Investors can buy gold bullion to hedge their net worth against inflationary pressures.

This is because gold has real fundamentals that determine its prices, not the forces driving currency values up or down. This helps provide greater stability during the economic downturn and hyperinflation. 

To switch to investing in gold, all these investors have to do is find a reputable precious metals exchange that can help them purchase it and store it safely.

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