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How the King of all Metals Can Keep Inflation at Bay

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If there’s one ultimate answer as to why you should buy gold now, it’s not this: for fancy jewelry. The answer, instead, is this: you should buy gold now because it will make for a good investment.

And it isn’t just an investment either: it’s an inflation hedge, and it’s a surefire way of securing your future against all financial pitfalls.

Gold is Here to Stay

Let’s talk about other metals for the time being. Silver comes the most readily to mind, but let’s consider other industrial metals too: copper and zinc, and even iron.

The one thing that they all have in common is that they rust overtime and more speedily if they come in contact with water. This is where gold differs and stands high above all other elements. It doesn’t react with oxygen to form rust. It’s happy being single!

187,000 tons of gold has been mined in this world in all of time—and most of it still exists! Compare this to silver which has been deteriorating quickly—partly due to its industrial use and because it rusts. Gold is here to stay.

It’s Not Like Money

How do you understand money? Is it an abstract concept in your head? Is it the paper currency with numbers scribbled over it that’s in your pockets? Or is it the virtual statistics that show up when you give online banking a shot?

Money, you see, changes a lot. It has been changing since time immemorial. The economic conditions of the world can make or break the price of money at any time. With gold, such is not the case.

The price of gold is not decided by the ever-changing economy, but by clever people who know that gold is valued more when they’re buying it.

Since the economy does not affect the prices of gold, your gold will also not be affected should inflation (or even hyperinflation) hit your shores any time soon.

You’ll be the ones deciding the prices of gold: we the people who hedge our bets on this king of metals!

Shine Bright like Aurum

When the Nuestra Señora de Atocha—or what remained of it—was finally found, almost 400 years had passed since the Spanish galleon’s sinking. And yes, the ship with the heavy gold chain and the chests full of treasure still shone, after all these years.

The passage of time had not dulled its luster one bit—and this is only one testimony to the brilliance and longevity of the element.

You too can begin stocking up on the precious metal as an inflation hedge, because it will stay true to you for years to come, and beyond.

Find out more about gold bullions on our website or get in touch with us for more information.

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