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Investments are promising and, in the currently volatile world of currencies and paper money, necessary. From traditional investments to property to alternate self-directed IRAS such as investing in precious metal, the options are numerous. And yet the road to a successful investment isn’t as smooth as one would otherwise think it is. Even with something as simple as buying precious metal coins for the purpose of investment, there’s the risk of being hoodwinked by a fraudulent individual. Brokers with bad faith and humbugs et all are all out to get you unless you put your guards up.

The avenues for being ripped off are many: from hidden annuity fees to uninformed opening of bank accounts to sabotaged trades. Their schemes are sneaky, but you can stay one step ahead of them by being vigilant.

If It’s Too Good to be True, It Isn’t True

gold coins

Let’s say you’ve come across a precious metals price listing that is unlike any other being displayed on any other site. If the company is exaggerating its claims or claiming incentives that no other company is offering, there’s just one thing to do: run.

Online Bulletins are Bad News

If you see ads for American Eagle Golds on eBay or Craigslist, you should have warning bells going off in your head right away. Of course you can find some opportunity for bargaining on these listings, and it might even work—but it might also be a fraud. Here’s the thing: eBay and other auction sites actually charge sellers a lot of fees, which means that the seller will be forced to charge higher prices from potential buyers. Therefore if it’s a cheap buy you’ve found, you’ve probably just found a fraud.

Go for Experience and Repute

You should always opt for a precious metal investment company that has been around for some time. Their long-running presence in the field is indicative of their repeated excellent service. Orion Metal Exchange has been in the field for over 50 years.

Don’t Take Risks. Trust in Orion

Avoid scams, frauds, and humbugs when buying precious coins. It’s a lucrative industry for fraudulent activity, and the only way you can ensure that you’re spending money on a credible source is to trust in a credible company. Orion Metal Exchange has been around for over 50 years, and can provide you everything from a Silver Royal Canadian Mint Snow Falcon to a Gold American Eagle Coin. To invest in precious metals without worrying about being ripped off, get in touch with us today.