The rates of gold tend to increase even at times of economic crisis. Keeping that in mind, isn’t it just wonderful to invest in gold to make money when all other types of investments fail? People around the world make sure they have invested in gold as a failsafe to fall back on during inflation. However, they don’t know that despite the easy availability of the metal, the possibility of it being a fake is also high.

So, before you dive into gold IRA investing, here are four things to consider to ensure your gold bullion bars are certified:

1.     Hold the bullion bar for a few minutes. 

Gold-plated metal tends to react with the moisture of your hands when held for too long. To ensure that your gold isn’t forged, hold the bullion bar in your hands for a couple of minutes. If you notice any discoloration, the gold bar is likely fake. However, if no discoloration occurs, that is one certified bullion bar you can count on for your investment. 

2.     Test it with a Magnet.

Another simple test involves using a horseshoe magnet. Since gold is non-magnetic, it will not stick to the magnet. However, if your bullion bars are proving otherwise, know that it is not gold that’s in your hands. Once again, get rid of that fake gold bar.

3.      Bring Along A Bottle Of Vinegar

When buying gold bullion bars, don’t forget to take the bottle of vinegar from your fridge. All you have to do is add a few drops of vinegar onto the gold bar and wait a few seconds. If the gold is real, it will not change its color. Nevertheless, if the metal changes its color to black or blue, you know what you must do!

4.     Try Ceramic to test gold!

Sometimes, the most invaluable things can be used to determine the most valuable items. In this case, use a small, black ceramic plate to differentiate whether your gold bar is certified or not.

Scratch the bar on the black ceramic plate. If it’s real, it will leave off a golden trail. On the contrary, if it’s a fake, you will see a black streak instead.

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