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Investing in an IRA gold account isn’t the tough part. The tough part is choosing the right IRA company, because there’s so much that can go so wrong. You have to bear in mind that you are putting a lot at risk: your taxes and past penalties as per the IRS rules are all being entrusted to a third party. If this third party isn’t credible, you’ll be on the losing side. The risk is as great as investing in stocks.

Going with an IRA company that is reputable and that has been in the field for long enough is the first step top choosing one. Fishing for such companies might not be easy, but we’ve got some ideas:


Use the internet to run full-fledged researches on IRA companies. If you find names, look for reviews. What others say about the company can help a lot in terms of deciding whether the company is safe or not.

Beware of Warning Signs

There are certain red flags which should send you running in the opposite direction of an IRA company. Look for the following signs:

  • License (the firm should be firmly licensed)
  • Poor ratings are an indicator that the company is a no-no
  • Negative reviews indicate that past clients have had shoddy experiences with the company

Talk to Them

You know what others are saying about the firm. Now find out for yourself what the firm is all about. Get in touch with them and talk to a representative. Ask a lot of questions. Investigate the policies and make sure you’re covering all bases before signing up.

If they haven’t gotten back to you, aren’t being transparent about their policies, or are displaying unwarranted aggressive behavior, they’re not someone you’d want to work with.

Set Up a Plan

Self-directed or rollover IRAs mean you need to have a clear-cut process. In order to get this done, make sure you’ve done your research on the topic and are well in line to set up a precious metals IRA plan.

Buy the Gold

One of the final stages in this process is the buying of precious metals for your IRA account. You should look out for damaged coins, overpriced bullion, and ineligible coins. Do a little study on the coins before you set about buying them in order to ensure you’re not being fooled.

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