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Palladium was uncovered by William Hyde Wollaston in 1803, who then introduced it to the precious metals market.

Found in both the earth’s crust and in asteroids, Palladium borrows its name from an asteroid called Pallas. It’s excavated from natural mines, alloyed with gold, or retrieved from nickel or copper ores, which makes it one of the rarest natural treasures on earth.

Used in jewelry-making, auto-catalyst manufacturing, and for metal investments, Palladium is an invaluable resource. It’s used for a range of other purposes, including dentistry, medical uses, groundwater treatment, hydrogen purification, and chemical applications. The market price for this precious metal averages $950 per troy ounce in 2019.

Mine production of palladium in the US increased from 12.4 metric tons in 2014 to 14 metric tons in 2018, and continues to expand till date. Meanwhile, North America and China lead the market as the top consumers of the metal!

With demand so high and its value even higher, investors want to learn how to use this metal for investment purposes. We’re here to help you with that!

Palladium Bullion

Similar to gold and silver investments, palladium bullions are a safe way of securing the real value of your savings. In fact, it’s cost-effective to use your funds to purchase a physical asset like palladium and include it in your investment portfolio.

With the precious metals industry booming and prospering every year, it’s wise to buy palladium when it’s relatively cheap. Availing this opportunity now allows investors to build their investment portfolio upwards gradually.

Palladium Bullion Coins

Palladium bullion coins are a lucrative opportunity for investors because they can buy them low and sell high. But like any other form of palladium, it’s important to seek a reliable dealer that offers .995 fine palladium.

Investing in pure palladium is not just about acquiring physical assets, but is also about investing funds today for a better tomorrow! They’ll be a hedge against financial uncertainties and pay off in times of need.

Palladium Stocks

Investors have relied on stocks for years. But it doesn’t come without its pitfalls.

Palladium-centric companies can be difficult to find because of the rarity of this metal. This opportunity is only limited to residents of North America, where the metal is found in relative abundance.

If you’re interested in precious metals and want to look into opportunities related to palladium, we can help.

We offer secure precious metals storage investments and we can help you find fine palladium for your investment plan. Call us and learn more.