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How To Test If Your Platinum Is Real

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Investing in precious metals can be a new feat for you. You might not be aware of how the precious metals look like or what they are used for. And it can be quite easy for brokers to scam you if you don’t have enough knowledge.

Gold and silver are quite popular, and many people know how to distinguish between them, but other precious metals like platinum might become confusing.

Here are a few easy ways to test if your platinum is real.

1. Use Visual Signs

Before the modern era, people used to have their own ways to detect precious metals. Platinum is a whiter and brighter metal than other precious metals.

It is also scratch-resistant, so you won’t see any scratches on the metal. Usually, the jewelry that is made from platinum has a stamp on them, indicating that it is platinum.

Different platinum content might have different stamps to indicate the percentage of platinum in the jewelry. Platinum also doesn’t tarnish, so if your jewelry becomes dark, it was silver, not platinum.

2. Weigh It

Platinum is heavier than other precious metals like silver, white gold, or even palladium.

3. Use A Magnet

Platinum doesn’t attract any magnet, while other metals, for example, white gold combined with nickel, might get pulled slightly.

4. Use A Scratch Test

If you’re still unsure, perform a scratch test. You can buy a scratch test kit and do it by yourself at home as well. The kit contains a scratch stone; when you scratch your precious metal on that, it transfers some of the particles to your piece. The kit also contains acid, so you need to be careful and do it in an isolated place.

The acid is then used to check if the metal dissolves in it or not. Use two to three drops of acid on the particles; if they dissolve, your metal is not platinum. Use a safety kit to protect your hand and eyes from the acid.

If you are hesitant to perform the test yourself, you can take your metal to a precious metal expert or refinery to help you identify it.

When you buy precious metals from a reliable store or an online website, you can be sure of getting a real product rather than a fake one. Check the reviews or talk to the people who have already bought from there.

You can contact us to buy real precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and others. Our experienced precious metal consultants will give you tips to identify your precious metals easily.

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