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How Investing In Precious Metals Affects Your Portfolio

Discover 3 Smart Ways to Invest and Make Money with Precious Metals

Have you or your parents considered investing your savings in precious metals?

Saving under the mattress has long been a common course of action that has proven to be detrimental to the economy. Money needs to be in circulation for the economy to run efficiently while preserving the value of your wealth. This is why you need precious metals as part of your investment portfolio.

Here’s how they help.

Forms of Precious Metals

The two most common forms of precious metals are bars and coins. Be it gold, silver, palladium or platinum, savers and investors opt for any and all, depending on their financial needs.

These bars and coins are traded at premiums below the actual value of the metal. The forces of demand and supply are responsible for causing these differentials. However, it’s important to work with a trusted precious metals dealer when investing your life’s savings.

Look for companies that not only offer precious metals for purchase but also safe means of storing them. We offer home safe storage options, including vaults, as well as retirement accounts for secure placement.

Asset Diversity For Your Portfolio

Individuals turn toward precious metals when they need a hedge against financial risk in their investment portfolios.

Since precious metals are known to be a shield against inflationary pressures, savers prefer them over paper currency or other assets. This is because precious metal is an excellent store of wealth in tumultuous times.

Precious metals also serve as flight capital during times of hyperinflation and government upheaval. Although this is an extreme course of action, but history stands proof to the fact that people have used precious metals to pay for passage out of the country during political mayhem.

In other situations, gold and silver had functioned as means of exchange when the paper currency depreciated beyond measure.

How Much Metal To Invest In For Your Portfolio

Your investment portfolio should be set in place as financial security for your future. You never know what the future holds for you. It’s best to work toward your long-term goals now so that you’re near achievement in a few years.

Bearing this in mind, you need to decide how big a part of your portfolio to dedicate to gold. Investment experts have warned individual investors to be wary of the proportion of gold in their portfolio. The decision should ultimately depend on your risk tolerance and financial situation because precious metals investment reduces volatility.

A standard rule is to limit gold reserves to 5–10% of your investment portfolio. This ensures that a significant sum of your savings is secured in gold investment and the number is safely hedged against risk as well.

Since 40 percent of gold production is already tied to investment holdings by investors, it’s important to know that a further increase in demand will hike gold prices.

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