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Investment as a Way of Pandemic Preparedness

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If there’s one person who can chant, “I told you to prepare,” amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s Bill Gates.

In 2018, the cofounder of the tech-giant Microsoft urged the authorities worldwide to prepare themselves for a global pandemic. According to him, it could be the most dangerous threat to humanity—worse than a nuclear war — mainly because humans have become increasingly interconnected.

During his speech, Bill Gates warned the U.S. government that they should start working on and stocking anti-viral vaccines and antibody cures to combat the pandemic spread that could kill up to 33 million people.

In his own words in an interview, it was strange for him “that the world isn’t doing more” to embrace the epidemic. For the financial aspect of pandemic preparedness, he added, “We think the idea of spending what would be a tiny part of the budget to be ready for a pandemic makes sense.”

Investing in Gold: A Way to Maintaining Finances During the Pandemic

The last statement by Bill Gates makes us recall the “Ten Percent Gold Rule” of how it’s extremely crucial to dedicate at least 10% of your investment portfolio to gold coins, bullion bars, gold stocks, and ETFs. It is sensible to be prepared for a market breakdown and economic downturn — like the one we’re observing—due to the novel coronavirus, which was declared as a national emergency on Friday, 13th March.

In the first week of March, gold bullions fell by 3 percent — the sharpest decline in years — as investors started liquidating their assets out of the fear of COVID-19 global spread. And although gold hasn’t slid as much as the other markets, the prices of gold mining stocks have gotten relatively cheaper, making it suitable for investors to consider gold investments.

Gold Prices Will Continue to Increase in the Next Few Months

As of Tuesday, 10th March, 2020, gold prices were up 5% to 10%, an increase of 18 percent compared to 2018. For investors, this quarter could mean lucrative returns from investing in gold mining stocks.

On Sunday, 8th March, 2020,Federal Reserves also announced a significant slash in interest rates, which means gold can continue to benefit investors with complementary monetary accommodation.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, investors can still make the most of the opportunity to invest in the gold market.

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