Gold coins as currency and investment

Many gold coin enthusiasts buy gold, not for the sake of investment, but to have them as classic collector’s items. These coins hold value for being rare in the market and have distinctive qualities that make them stand out from regular gold coins.

There is definitely a difference between a coin collection and having ordinary gold coins. Let’s take a look at what the differences are.

What is a Coin Collection?

Although many may confuse the two terms since both involve buying gold coins, they’re both different.

Coin collection is done by those people who like to have rare coins as a collection. They do it as a hobby and due to personal preferences. Some coins that are special due to their design, their history, or any other reason, tend to have their value skyrocket over the years.

Here are some famous coins to be used in coin collections:

Gold American Eagle

This is one of the most famous gold coins in the world. Known for its rich history and spectacular design, the Gold American Eagle is backed by the US Mint for its purity and weight, making it a popular option for collectors.

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

This coin dates back to 1979, when it was introduced as the only gold bullion coin with 99.9% gold purity. Even today, this coin is highly regarded for these qualities.

American Buffalo Gold Coin

This coin is known for being the first 24-karat gold coin made by the US Mint. It also has a .9999 purity and is one of the most sought-after gold coins for collectors.

How is Having Gold Coins Different?

Buying gold coins, or rather, investing in gold coins, is done for the sake of returns on investment. This entails buying gold for purposes like capitalizing on short-term price movements, long-term returns, inflation hedge, and a great option to keep during recessionary periods in the economy.

These kinds of coins are meant for circulation and can be used in other ways like collateral or a mode of payment.

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So, contact our team and choose your path: being a coin collector or being a coin investor.