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When it comes to investing in precious metals, most people lean towards gold or silver. After all, they’re the most well-known metals around the world. They can be used in a number of ways, and there are even discussions of digital gold being backed by governments.

However, some may argue that gold and silver don’t really provide tremendous benefits unless they’re held for a significant period, or the economy suffers a major recession, and the local currency deteriorates in value.

In this case, is palladium the answer? Is it a better alternative to gold and silver? Let’s find out.

What is Palladium?

Palladium is a precious metal that’s mostly just mined in certain areas that include:

  • Russia
  • Montana (USA)
  • Zimbabwe
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Finland

Recently, palladium prices have been going up due to a shortage of supply. This metal is mostly used in vehicles’ exhaust systems and helps reduce the pollution emitted by the vehicles.

Due to increased attention being given towards global warming and environmental pollution in general, palladium’s prices are going up.

Historical prices indicate that palladium’s prices have generally seen positive growth apart from one sharp dip at the start of 2020 caused by short selling due to the pandemic. As economies start to open up and things are normalizing, we see an improvement in prices again.

Palladium Coins

American Eagle Coins are one of the most popular bullion coins. In 2017, the US Mint introduced a palladium version of it in a 1-ounce model.It’s the only palladium coin to be guaranteed by the US government for its purity and weight.

Are Palladium Coins Good for Investment Purposes?

As with all other precious metals, investing in palladium coins is a great choice to make for various reasons.

They are a great hedge against inflation, as their value is not tied up to the fiat currency and is valued independently like all other precious metals like gold and silver. They can also be used as a great source of portfolio diversification.

Although palladium provides more or less the same benefits as that of gold, silver, and platinum, the main difference is how it’s currently used for industrial purposes much more than its counterparts. It has slowly been attracting a lot of attention in the investment market lately, and it’ll have to be seen if palladium carries with the momentum going forward.

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