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Long Term Investment Options in 2022

Different sized and shaped gold coins.

Most people may think about investing in precious metals, buying shares, exchange-traded funds (EFTs), bonds, or mutual funds. Some investors may even consider investing in metal EFTs as an indirect way to invest in platinum, gold, silver, or other precious metals. In contrast, others consider buying stocks for mining companies.

However, you may want to avoid investing in anything that requires a broker. Considering long-term investment opportunities can make you a lot of money, and some can even earn you greater profits. You wouldn’t want to be limited by your choice of investments, such as EFTs, bonds, stocks, or mutual funds.

If you’re thinking about investing in gold coins or any other financial security to secure long-term profits, let’s discuss some of the best options to consider this year.


Gold has long-term value and is a liquid asset with a tangible inflation hedge. This means that gold is a sought-after asset class with strong competition from stocks. It’s also highly regarded for portfolio diversification as it doesn’t correlate with any other assets such as stocks. This becomes even more prominent in times of crisis when gold can be used to safeguard wealth.

If you’re wondering how to invest in gold, there are several ways you can do so. You can hold and buy physical forms of gold like bars, coins, bullion or exchange-traded funds (EFTs), and gold accounts. You can also invest in gold mining companies’ stocks, options, and futures.

However, if you are an investor with limited resources, you should directly invest in gold. This means you need to buy gold bullion, coins, bars, or other physical forms of gold. A 5-10% gold allocation is generally considered optimal for an investor’s portfolio. It’s also important to learn the factors that impact gold prices before making an investment decision.

Orion Metal Exchange ensures your success as an investor through comprehensive investment plans that work best for your finances. Our dedicated experts can help you understand the various investment options and IRAs for holding gold and other precious metals. We also offer competitive prices for metal products, so if you’re looking to buy gold coins online, we can help.

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Alternate Investment Options

Real Estate

While gold remains the best investment for the long-term, there are some other options you can consider. Real estate is another option for improving your returns in many cases. You can purchase a property such as a multi-family dwelling, a duplex, or an apartment and rent it out. This will help you earn rental income from the property.

However, before you consider investing in real estate, you need to evaluate whether you are ready to accept the role of a landlord. Becoming a landlord comes with several challenges, such as delayed rents, down payments, bank finances, etc. Things can also break, and there can be accidents on your property, leading to legal circumstances.

If you want to gain the financial benefits of owning a property without accepting the responsibilities, you can consider some other options. Property management can help you deal with issues of managing the real estate, collecting rents, dealing with tenants, and also making necessary repairs. While this costs money, it’ll be worth the peace of mind in the long run. You can even spread the risks by finding like-minded investors or people who have more knowledge of property management and real estate than you.

Various gold and silver coins.

Peer To Peer Lending

P2P or peer-to-peer lending is a new phenomenon. You can receive loans for running your business or for personal use. Joining a pool of investors who want to loan money to others, then the loan can be funded by you if the borrower qualifies for the loan. There are no banks involved in these transactions, and the money is pooled with investors who can further a loan to the individual in need.

You will receive a fixed number of repayments every month, including the interest. Generally, peer-to-peer lending can be higher than what you get from standard savings. However, one major risk with this form of investment is that the person may not be able to get a loan from the bank, which can increase the likelihood of default. You can decide whether to further a loan to someone based on several parameters, including their credit ratings.

Why Invest in Gold?

As mentioned earlier, gold is a diversifying investment that can be added as a component to your portfolio regardless of inflation or declining currency and will protect your wealth. Gold isn’t co-related to any other financial investments such as stocks, real estate, bonds, etc.

Gold stocks are also appealing to investors who are interested in growth. These generally rise and fall depending on gold prices but are managed by profitable mining companies even if the price of gold falls. Even a minor price increase can lead to significant gains for investors which are even greater than the returns you get from owning physical gold.

Investors should focus on a stable income and growth to benefit from a strong dividend performance. Stocks that pay dividends show greater gains when the gold sector is growing. On average, the returns are still higher than non-dividend-paying stocks during a decline.

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There can be various advantages and disadvantages to every investment option. If you don’t want to hold gold physically, buying shares for gold mining companies is also an investment option you can consider. Gold is a safe investment against inflation. There are several ways you can invest in gold, either through jewelry, coins, or bullion.

If you’re interested in investing in gold products for your retirement plans or long-term profitability, Orion Metal Exchange has various gold, platinum, silver, and palladium products. Our vast range of services includes private vault storage and fast home delivery services. Contact our gold investment dealers today to learn more.

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