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Mutual Funds vs. Precious Metals: Which is Safer?

Mutual Funds vs. Precious Metals Which is Safer

It’s never too early to think about building your long-term wealth. The earlier you start, the more you’ll learn about how to invest in a way that maximizes your capital gains. But where should you invest your hard-earned savings?

Two of the most popular investment vehicles you can put your money into are mutual funds and precious metals. However, your choice depends on how risk-averse you are. Unsure which one’s safer? Here are four important points to consider.

1. Mutual Funds Offer Consistent Returns

One of the main reasons why mutual funds are among the safest financial vehicles available is because they’re designed to hedge risk. Mutual funds are made up of a large pool of money that fund managers use to invest in a diversified portfolio. This diversification enables returns from mutual funds to iron out over time. In other words, if you’re risk-averse, chances are you’ll enjoy the security mutual funds provide.

2. Precious Metals Don’t Rely on the Actions of a Manager

The percentage return on mutual funds depends on how well they’re managed and the financial instruments they’re made of. In comparison, the return from precious metals doesn’t depend on the actions of a fund manager.

The value of precious metals increases over time because of their natural scarcity.Therefore, precious metals are far safer compared to mutual funds because there’s no propensity for human error.

3. Mutual Funds Are More Susceptible to Economic Shocks

Do you remember the 2008 Global Financial Crisis? A giant nationwide housing bubble burst and caused a ton of mutual funds to suffer devastating losses. In comparison, people with precious metal investments didn’t suffer because the housing bubble didn’t affect the inherent value of things like gold and silver!

With another housing bubble reportedly brewing, it’s objectively safer to keep your retirement money in a precious metals IRA compared to a mutual fund.

4. Precious Metals Are Tangible Assets

Unlike the financial instruments that make up mutual funds, precious metals are tangible assets. In simpler words, you can physically hold precious metals and stow them in private vault storage. This guarantees peace of mind if you invest in precious metals because you’ll know where your investments are located.

One could argue that having tangible assets is riskier because they have a greater propensity to be stolen than intangible assets. However, the rise of cybercrimes like hacking means no asset is completely safe.

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