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Number of Americans Living from One Paycheck to Another Approaching All-Time High – Why?

Americans Living on Paychecks

LendingClub survey reports that 63 percent of Americans have to make ends meet on only each paycheck.

Consumers just cannot keep up with inflation rising at such a rapid rate. These days, it’s not enough for the average American to have only one job. Weak wage growth has left more people than ever with next to nothing after paying their bills each month.

The pay growth has not kept pace with the cost of living increase. The purchasing power has decreased by 3% despite a 5.2% increase in salary over the past year. It’s like having more money but being unable to buy as much. Therefore, most of the 9 to 5 workers are opting for metal investments in an American gold investor company.

Is Living on Paychecks Enough?

Rising costs have made it difficult for everyone, even those with large incomes. LendingClub found that 49% of those with annual incomes of $100,000 or more are living paycheck to paycheck. It’s having an effect on people’s ability to pay their bills. US consumers have reduced their spending as a result of tighter budgets and higher pricing. Most consumers have cut back on their expenditures and are hoping to invest with a gold investment dealer to save their future.

Making Ends Meet

Most Americans are resorting to credit cards to meet everyday needs. Credit card debt is the primary driver of the $17.1 billion increase in revolving credit that occurred in August. The average yearly rise in 2019 before the epidemic was 3.6%. With the stimulus money long gone, it’s obvious that Americans are using credit cards to try to keep up with the rising cost of living.

Expected All-Time High in Economic Stress

With inflationary pressures not projected to abate any time soon, paycheck-to-paycheck has become the norm. The Federal Reserve raised its target federal funds rate by 0.75 points to stem spiraling inflation. The central bank has signaled that further hikes are on the horizon until inflation begins to moderate visibly. The economy is suffering greatly from inflation that just won’t go away. Unless something changes, financial hardship will hit a record high by the year 2023.

Therefore, most economic tycoons are turning to metal investments. They are looking for exceptionally trustworthy gold and silver investment companies to secure their future.

Inflation is treated as a theoretical exercise by economists and commentators. They rarely stop to consider the real-world consequences of price increases. If you’re someone who relies on a fixed income or savings, you’re in a particularly precarious position, as inflation is rapidly eroding your purchasing power while your income isn’t growing.

Effects of Price Inflation on Financial Planning

Thirty-three million Americans have been reported to spend more money than they earn. The average savings of American consumers took a serious hit in June, a reduction that can be attributed to the effect of inflation on people’s disposable incomes.

In terms of where they keep their savings, people living from one paycheck to another are expected to retain about 70% in their digital wallets, bank accounts, or cash. Investors with more disposable money have a strong preference for diversified portfolios. They can also open a silver IRA so that when things go downhill, they will be able to lead a comfortable life.

Although those living paycheck to paycheck and those with lesser incomes are more likely to favor liquid investments, those with higher incomes have a much stronger preference for diverse portfolios.

Final Word

Due to stock market volatility and inflation, it is more important for those with lower incomes to have ready access to funds than for those with higher incomes who might have a long-term horizon on their savings portfolios. Investing in metals and coins and partnering with precious metals exchange companies can save you from this downfall.

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