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Palladium vs. Platinum Wedding Rings: All the Pros & Cons

Palladium wedding rings placed on a pink flower

A wedding band is one of the most prized possessions you can have. You will want the ring to exude beauty, warmth, and the essence of harmony. While only you can make the abstract emotional attachment, a wedding band of your taste will always make you treasure it. Here is a guideline about two possible wedding ring materials and their comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Palladium Vs. Platinum

Palladium and platinum are popular wedding band options. They are durable, scratch-resistant, and have a perfect sheen, making them ideal for a special occasion ring. While both materials share a high similarity index, they have their differences too. Some of their differences are highlighted below.


An oft unnoticed difference between the two materials is their visual hue. Palladium has a richer tone than platinum, along with its characteristic silvery sheen. It may not be visually striking, but the difference can be seen on close observation. Both materials are not rhodium-plated, making them low maintenance compared to white gold.  

Beautiful wedding rings worn by a couple


Palladium and platinum have high durability and good stress-bearing capabilities. Palladium, however, is slightly harder than platinum. Both rings develop a patina finish when they get a little worn out. People often look forward to this look. A patina finish has a sharp contrast with the scratching of white gold.


Palladium has less weight compared to platinum. The latter is denser, which makes it twice as heavy as the former. Deciding upon the weight difference is mostly a subjective choice. Some people like the heavier feel of platinum, while others opt for the light and comfortable palladium.


Palladium was a popular choice earlier due to its low cost compared to platinum. However, market demand has caused an upsurge in the price of palladium. This means that both metals almost cost the same. Besides, palladium can be tricky for an engagement ring or wedding band because its resizing may be difficult.


Palladium and platinum do not contain nickel, making them allergy-proof compared to 14K gold or other metals used for rings. Platinum is almost 90-95% pure. Thus, only a small proportion of your platinum wedding band might pose a risk for allergies.  

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