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Platinum Investments Explained

Platinum Investments Explained

People usually look into investing in precious metals to keep their money safe since precious metals act as a hedge against inflation. However, whenever precious metal investments are brought up, most people think about gold or silver.

Another precious metal that has the potential for a high return on investment is platinum. If you’re new to precious metal investments, learn all about investing in platinum here.

Platinum Compared to Other Precious Metals

Investing in platinum is similar to investing in gold or silver. However, the difference between both is that platinum is much more difficult to source. Moreover, the prices of platinum, unlike gold and silver, are influenced by supply and demand instead of economic conditions or the American dollar.

Sourcing Platinum

Platinum is found in ores inside the earth. However, unlike gold and silver, it’s not in the earth’s crust. Deeper digging is required to obtain platinum. A limited number of countries extract and produce platinum. Two major producers of platinum that supply the majority of platinum around the world are Russia and South Africa.

Since the production of platinum isn’t common, the supply of it varies according to the political and economic situation of these two countries, as well as their relations with other countries. If there are any supply fluctuations, the global platinum market is affected.

Price Fluctuations for Platinum

Platinum prices can fluctuate massively. Back in 2007 and 2008, platinum prices skyrocketed and were trading 65% more than gold. However, the prices soon declined. When the pandemic struck in early 2020, platinum prices saw a sharp rise in China. However, Europe and North America experienced a subtle decline.

Safe to say, platinum has a high potential for a good ROI but comes with its own risks. Platinum usually is good as a short-term investment.

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Exit Strategy

If you’re new to investing in platinum or any other precious metal, make sure you have an exit strategy in mind before you invest.

Are you planning to sell it at a certain price? Are you planning to keep it long-term? Does your decision depend on market conditions? The answers to all these questions must be clear to you before investing.

Now that you know the basics of investing in platinum, the next step is to find a precious metal company to get platinum. Orion Metal Exchange is a precious metal company that deals in American metal exchange. 

You can buy platinum coins and bullions from us. We also offer gold, silver, and palladium as precious metals investment companies options. We also provide private vault storage and precious metals IRA. For further details, contact us now!

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