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Platinum Vs. Palladium: All You Need to Know

Two Platinum Rings

Does Palladium ring a bell? Chances are, no. Often overlooked and not talked about, Palladium is now one of the four most precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium). According to BBC, it is now more precious than gold, with its demand rising every year.

Suppose you’re looking forward to investing in these two precious metals. In that case, it’s always a good idea to learn some well-known facts about Palladium and Platinum before investing or purchasing them.


Both Platinum and Palladium are white metals, with a very minimal color difference between them. Palladium is a shade darker than Platinum, but it’s generally not noticeable. They are naturally white and don’t need rhodium plating. This means both these metals are low maintenance and don’t develop a yellow tinge over time.


The cost of Palladium has exceeded that of Platinum in 2021. However, keep in mind that Palladium rings cost less than Platinum; this isn’t because Palladium is an inferior metal, but because Platinum is denser than Palladium.



Palladium is sturdier than Platinum. This makes Palladium rings harder to scratch. Platinum and Palladium are also preferable over other metals because they develop a “patina” finish over the years. If you dislike this finish, you can always get it repolished.


Both these metals are highly durable and robust. They don’t easily scratch and are sufficiently dense. Out of the two, Platinum remains the stronger one.


Platinum rings are twice as heavy as Palladium. To some, Platinum rings’ heavy weight feels great, while others prefer the lightweight Palladium. It depends on what is comfortable for you.


Platinum and Palladium are hypoallergenic. This means people with allergies can safely wear either of these metals for as long as they like. If you’re sensitive to metals, it’s preferable to first consult your doctor.


Palladium and Platinum aren’t just ideal for jewelry; with their rarity and growing uses, they make an excellent investment. The benefits of investing in precious metals are great.

If gold wasn’t mined, its supply would last for about twenty-five years. If Palladium and Platinum aren’t mined, we’d run out of them in a year. This lack of supply and a higher demand make both these metals a great way to make high profits.

You can invest in precious metals with the help of precious metal consultants. Contact us to invest in gold, silver, Platinum, Palladium, and other precious metals. Our experienced precious metal consultants will guide you on the best time to buy and sell them.

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