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Platinum vs. Palladium: What to Invest in

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When it comes to investing in precious metals or buying bullion bars and coins, most people think of silver and gold.  Both of them are globally popular for possession and investment. However, there are other precious metals that are rarely talked about yet incredibly valuable. These include platinum and palladium.

Platinum – what is it?

Platinum is a valuable metal largely utilized in the industrial sector and from automobiles to fancy jewelry.  In the 17th century, platinum traces were found in South American gold mines. The miners thought the metal was just an obstacle because nothing like it had been discovered before.

Platinum is exceedingly scarce, which makes it a valuable metal. It is often said that this rarity of platinum might make it more valuable than gold.

What is Palladium?

Palladium belongs to the group of platinum metals. Even though it’s frequently confused with platinum, palladium is a unique element. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of jewelry. It’s also used as a catalyst element in several other industrial sectors.

Platinum vs. Palladium for Investment

While both precious metals are almost identical in appearance, they have several differences to consider for investment purposes. Following are some of the distinctions between the two precious metals:

Rarity in Supply

Palladium wins the race when it comes to rarity, but palladium and platinum are both mined in much smaller quantities than their more well-known counterparts.

This rarity can drive up prices, especially when the difficult mining process is considered for both metals. This can affect the supply and demand, increasing their value in the market. 

Market Volatility

Platinum has a more stable market compared to gold. Many reasons factor into this, including the mining process of the two metals and the countries that produce them.

Platinum is traded above gold and is sufficient in quantity to maintain a stable investment market. Palladium is a tough metal to extract which may often take its price miles above gold and platinum and just as easily see its value take a nosedive.

Industrial Use

Both metals have equal use in the industrial sector. The two are often interchangeable in their industrial application. However, palladium is considered to be denser and more reliable than platinum. So, if their prices were matched, palladium would be a better choice for industrial purposes.

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