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Precious Metal Investment: 3 Mistakes To Avoid

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Are you new to investing in precious metals? Let us advise you that it requires years of experience and significant knowledge to make your investment to profits.  Amateur investors enter the investment game without a proper plan and unrealistic expectations which leaves them disappointed.

If you’ve made your mind to invest in precious metals, here are some common mistakes for you to avoid. This will keep you safe from losses and also help in long-term investments.

1. Have Unrealistic Expectations From Precious Metal Investing

This is a mistake that most novices make while investing in precious metals. Investors new to the field believe that investing in gold or silver can help them earn profits in a short period. They are impatient and focus on getting rich quickly.

You need to know precious metals investments are a long-term proposition, and it might take a many years to gain any significant profit. Experienced investors tend to focus on precious metal investing as an inflation hedge. 

Having the right expectations about precious metal investment can help you form clear goals and save you from future disappointment.

2. Falling For Scare Tactics

This is another mistake that newbie investors fall for. This mistake can occur by contacting shady precious metal investment dealers. They often bait investors to buy rare coins at higher prices than the precious metal they contain.

Most precious metal rare coins aren’t pure. According to a report, a 1964 silver dollar coin contains 90% silver. If you sell them, you won’t get the same amount you paid. Only buy gold or silver bullions coins or any other precious metal bullion from trusted precious metal investment dealers.

A couple of US rare coins

3. Putting All Your Money On Precious Metal Investing

Being an inexperienced investor, you might think that you should put all your money on precious metals investment or spend a large portion of your money on it. That is a big mistake you can make.

 In investment, it’s a general rule of thumb to never put all your earnings on a single investment option. Putting all your money can result in significant losses if the market goes against you. If you’re thinking of gaining profits from it, know that this investment type is usually for protection against inflation. Keep a small portion of investment on precious metals rather than all of it.

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