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Precious Metals IRAs VS Bullions: Which Is A Better Investment?

Gold coins and bullions.

The fear of running out of savings and resources is what drives people to strive for a safer and better future. And to achieve a safer future, one looks for the best investment options.

An ideal retirement plan consists of the right investments at the right time. The right plan can help you calculate the best options, returns, and risks that come with it.

One of the safest options to invest in is Precious Metal s IRAs and Bullions. Although there’s always been an argument about which is a better investment option, let’s find out.

Investment Retirement Account (IRA)

Setting up an IRA is a simple process. IRA’s popularity has recently increased since pension plans have not been very attractive.

IRAs offer several investment options such as real estate, stocks, mutual funds, and precious metals.

Precious metals include Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. Gold is the highest in demand, and is also considered to be the most profitable and safest investment. 

The pros of investing in IRAs are that it saves you from paying hefty taxes on your investments.

This means that once you have invested, there will be no taxes applied on your returns.  So basically, it’s a tax-free growth for your investment.

The cons of IRA are the limitations and restrictions of contribution. There’s a set amount of income one must earn to contribute or invest in an IRA.


Bullions are precious metals in the form of bars. The most desired bullions are gold and silver.

Most people choose to invest in them because seeing their investment physically reassures them.

People also prefer investing in bullions because they want to eliminate all middlemen from the equation and handle their investment personally.

The pros of investing in bullions are that it is a hedge against inflation. The value of precious metals will always be higher and safer than the fluctuation of currency and inflation rates. It’s one of the least complicated investments; it’s simple and safe.

The demand for precious metals is constantly rising globally and very unlikely to face a dip.

The cons of investing in bullions are the liquidity element of the bars; it may take some time to cash your returns.

Another con is the political influence of precious metals; an unstable government could affect the prices negatively.

Haven’t found your answer yet? Let Orion Exchange guide you to make the best investments for your future. Get in touch with us for further details.

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