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Preppers are Investing in Silver – Here’s Why

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You’d think that the world would go crazier after the shiny yellow treasured metal that has been revered for centuries, right? But as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold – sometimes, it’s silver.

And for good reason, too: Historically, the prices of silver have always held an impressive curve in the hike charge. And the people who foresaw this coming were the preppers and the survivalists.

They stocked up on silver as best they could – and you should be doing the same.

Why Should You Invest in Silver?

When you invest in a precious metal such as silver, you aren’t just investing – you’re accumulating wealth. And if this investment plan is for retirement purposes, it’s all the better.

Over the years, investors and preppers alike have shown a keep interested in hoarding up on silver. Many even go for silver IRA accounts: self-directed IRA accounts with physical assets in the form of silver bullions or bars.

The idea is to keep it stored in case inflation or hyperinflation, or some other financial crisis, comes your way in the future.

You’ll Never be Out of Buyers

Silver investors and hoarders know that they have an edge with silver. Unlike gold, which is mostly meant for jewelry or luxury use, it’s used for a range of things. Unlike platinum – which is also an industrial metal – silver is cheaper, and hence more easily affordable.

Silver is always going to be in demand – and in high demand at that. It’s used extensively across several industries: from electronics to computer and IT to medical and surgical tools. You’ll never be out of buyers.

Since silver is cheaper than platinum, industries which can do with both will be more willing to buy silver. And if you’ve got a good enough supply in store, you’ll end up getting a lot on the premiums!

It’s Rarer than Gold

Gold might be the King of all Metals, but the Silver Queen is rarer – and much like the Queen in chess, can play a masterstroke when required. Six times more gold exists – or has been mined – in the world than silver.

The reasons are of course the vast industrial use of silver, as well as its propensity to rust over time. It is mined extensively, but it’s also used extensively, and hence the metal is scarce.

And the rarer a metal, the more it’s worth. That is why preppers are stocking up on this precious metal: not just for investment or inflation hedges – but also in order to survive.

Because the preppers know that if a day should come when the economy comes crashing down and banks collapse, physical assets such as silver – always high in demand – will save the day.

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