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“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Author Says Buy Silver While You Can

Buying Silver

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the classic financial book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” advocated for physical assets like gold and silver and virtual currencies like bitcoin. He argued that a strong US currency could present a chance to purchase bitcoin, gold, or silver if the US Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates to combat inflation.

Kiyosaki revealed that he is purchasing actual silver coins as he predicts the value of precious metals will continue to decline as the US Federal Reserve continues to increase interest rates. Silver investment companies have seen a terrific turnaround as a result of his tweets.

Why Buying Silver is Beneficial

According to Kiyosaki, increasing interest rates will have a devastating effect on the economy. The stock, bond, and real estate market values will all fall. The Fed is about to change course. Before the FED makes a U-turn, now is the time to stock up on precious metals and cryptocurrency. According to him, everyone must turn to silver investment companies for future reference.

The famous author announced that he no longer advises anyone to invest in real estate. He foresees the worst financial crisis in human history.

Meanwhile, Kiyosaki predicted that the falling value of the US dollar would eventually lead to the widespread use of decentralized digital currencies. According to him, it’s not enough to want to enter the crypto industry; you must take action right away while there’s still time before the next major economic crash.

The silver coin can be purchased by anyone for $25, he tweeted. In the manufacturing world, silver is regarded as a precious metal. To investors, it has long been a recommended asset.

He has been a continuous supporter of buying silver. In January this year, he informed his followers that silver was selling for 50% less than its all-time high. He tweeted again in March, saying that he prefers to buy silver since it is liquid & can be spent without government surveillance. It has been believed that he has acquired 2,500 American Silver Eagles up till now.

And because he thinks the dollar is “fake as hell” and would experience a drop in value as more dollars are printed, he has advocated silver as a superior store of wealth.

The famous author has also taken an interest in some strange possessions. He suggested storing up on necessities such as toilet paper, canned items, garbage bags, and frozen foods to prepare for any price hikes.

Getting the Most out of a Crash

In another recent tweet, Kiyosaki urged investors to focus on a drop in bond prices that might cause a wider slump in asset prices rather than a decline in equities. Moreover, stock, real estate, and commodity price increases have been cited by Kiyosaki as evidence of the biggest fizz in world history in the US market. He even suggested that everyone should open a silver IRA.

Final Word

“Rich dad, poor dad” has been widely famous, earning name and fame to Robert Kiyosaki. He has been regarded as one of the most influential personalities in the world of finance. In a series of recent tweets, Kiyosaki advocated silver as the finest value investment and forecasted a historic fall in bonds and other assets, motivating gold and silver investment companies to surface.

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