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Gold is one of the perfect alternative liquid investments. Not only does it offer financial security and acts as a safe haven during economic slumps, but it’s also a perfect ornamental item.

For centuries, gold jewelry has been used as a symbol of power, purity and accomplishment. And today, with advancement and technology, it can be molded in any shape and mixed with any number of alloys to create statues, nuggets, watches and even toilets.

Many people buy gold jewelry for its beauty and ornate properties, but investors look at gold items from a different perspective—as a way to get returns and hedge inflation. While there are some benefits of buying gold jewelry—considering that you get to wear and flaunt it—for an investment portfolio, bars and coins work a lot better.

Why should I buy gold coins and not jewelry?


While both can preserve your wealth, the biggest issue with owning gold jewelry is ensuring its safety. There are a number of safety storage options—bank storage, vault storage, home safes—that you can look into and keep your jewelry safe; but you still can’t ensure safety while wearing it.


It’s important to keep in mind that gold jewelry comes in an array of options. You also need to decide whether you want pure gold, gold-plated or gold-filled items.

Not every gold item has the same look and most gold jewelry items are actually a mixture of multiple metals to ensure their strength and durability. With gold coins, you don’t have to worry about the solidity of the color or buying them in an altered form.


Another reason that bars and coins are a smarter option is that they don’t lose their value as jewelry does. The resale value of a gold coin is different because it’s easy to mold and cast into anything, as compared to jewelry. Not to mention, you are also buying the jewelry at an additional cost—required to cover the expenses of casting and molding—typically 10–15% higher than the market price.

It’s also difficult to find jewelry items in solid gold—without the supplementary stones—that have an alluring appeal. This means that if your gold jewelry has artificial stones on it, you’ll be charged based on the weight of the item but the same won’t be applied when selling it.

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