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Should I Invest in Gold Bullion or Gold Jewelry?

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Gold is one of the most popular precious metals in the world. This is because it’s one of the safest investment options when there is economic uncertainty. However, the worth of gold is not only because of its financial security but also because of other reasons, like its ornamental value.

With technological advances, gold can now be melted and shaped into different aesthetically appealing accessories people can wear, like watches, jewelry, and more. However, in the past, people have widely used gold as a symbol of power, authority, and accomplishment.

There are multiple reasons why people invest in gold. Some want to do it because of their lavish lifestyle, while others want to protect themselves financially and get gold as a hedge against inflation. If you’re planning to invest in gold as well but can’t decide whether you should put your money into gold jewelry or bullion, let’s take a look at it in this blog.


Gold is worth a lot of money. Currently, an ounce of gold is priced at 1813.90 US dollars. Investing in gold means you need to ensure you can keep it safe. If you invest in gold bullion or coins, there are plenty of options for safe storage. This includes bank vaults, private vault storage, safes in your home, etc.

However, keeping your gold jewelry safe is difficult, especially if you wear it regularly. According to stats, there were over 37000 incidents of robbery reported in the United States in 2021, and these robberies were carried out with a weapon.


The appearance of gold can be confusing and deceiving. This is because oftentimes, jewelry made of gold is not only made of gold. Other metals are also mixed with it to make up the weight and ensure the jewelry is durable. Other times, the jewelry might just be coated with a layer of gold. This is known as gold-plated jewelry.

However, with gold coins or bullion, you won’t have to worry if the gold is pure. This is because cold coins and bullions are issued by either government institutions or private institutions that are regulated properly to ensure every coin is made with a standard amount of gold and is 90-95 percent pure gold.


The worth of the gold you’re investing in is of utmost importance. However, you must know that gold in the form of jewelry may lose its worth over the years. This is because the use of jewelry can damage it over the years, and it’s hard to melt and reshape, especially if it’s not pure. Moreover, gold jewelry is often available at a higher price than gold coins or bullion. This is because of the work that’s already been done on the gold to melt it and shape it into an aesthetic design. Furthermore, gold jewelry is often paired with other precious stones to enhance its aesthetic appeal, which adds the worth of these stones to the price of the jewelry.

This is not the case with gold coins and bullion. Gold bars and bullions are easy to reshape into different-sized bars and coins and are available for a reduced price in the market. Moreover, with gold coins, you’re only paying for the gold. This makes them retain their value over the years and ben an excellent option for investment.

 Gold bars and bullions

Gold jewelry may have aesthetic appeal and a sense of luxury, but if you’re planning to make an investment, the best way to invest in gold is to buy gold bullion or coins instead of jewelry. If you’re looking to buy gold bullion and coins, Orion Metal Exchange is the best place to do that.

We are among the most reliable and trusted precious metals investment companies in the US. We offer gold coins and bullion for investment purposes. Moreover, we also have other precious metal investment options, like silver, platinum, and palladium. You can also book consultations regarding gold investments and best precious metals ira with our experts.

Apart from that, we can also help you store precious metals by opening your precious metal storage account with Brinks or DDSC (Delaware Deposit Service Company). Get in touch with us at 1-800-559-0088 now for more details.

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