Have you narrowed down your investment options to gold and bitcoin, and you’re having trouble deciding between the two? We understand the dilemma.

For as long as we can remember, gold has been the most widely recognized and profitable asset in the world.  But the world is now digital, and our money and payment systems have evolved.

This is why Bitcoin is threatening to displace the popular yellow metal as the ultimate monetary asset. Here’s all you need to know about which option is the better investment.


Keeping gold in your home storage may be a tempting target for thieves, but so is your cryptographic currency. Bitcoins have a private and public key—if you lose your private key, your coins can now be owned, claimed, or spent whichever way the recipient pleases.

Your best bet is to keep your assets in a bank or your gold in private vault storage. Even if you decide to use online services to store your Bitcoin private keys, there is still a threat of hacking these online services.

Remember when South Korea-based NiceHash had $63 million in Bitcoin stolen in 2017, and nothing was repaid? It resulted in the company declaring bankruptcy the next day. Yikes.


If you’re worried about the threat of counterfeit, both these options are incredibly secure. Since physical gold has unique chemical compositions, gold means experts can verify your gold coins or bars’ authenticity in many ways with very little energy required.

These unique cryptographic currency assets are directly verifiable on the Bitcoin blockchain, that too in real-time.


If you’re looking for a portable asset, bitcoins may be your go-to investment. Whether you’re sitting in Alaska or Utah, all you need is internet connectivity to send or secure bitcoins in any amount quickly, that too at low costs and with transparent transaction records.

While gold can be carried around after breaking it into gold bullion bars or coins, deciding which option is safer and more convenient for you, is your call.


If you’re thinking of investing in gold for its store of value, you’re on the right track. Gold is neither reactive, corrosive, or radioactive—you can distinguish, smelt, or extract it just like any other element.

Bitcoins, while in an open-source network by a global base, are also very secure and even allows continuous adaptation and improvement. It’s all about what your priorities are.

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