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Silver: More Than Just A Shiny Trinket

A circuit board with microchips and silver components

For centuries, silver has been an incredibly useful and precious metal. Many people wear silver jewelry, which is one of the most obvious and popular uses of silver.

But many are still unaware of the industrial uses of silver. Here are a few of them.

Cars and Electronic Devices

More than 36 million ounces of silver are used each year to manufacture cars. Electrical connections in modern cars are activated using silver-coated contacts.

Silver-ceramic lines are installed into the back windows to generate heat to melt any ice and keep windows fog-free.

As most of us learned in school, silver is a great electrical conductor, which makes it ideal for a huge range of electrical gadgets, including TV screens, phones, switches, and other products.

Solar Technology

To create solar cells, a paste made out of silver powder is loaded into a silicon wafer.

When light hits the silicon, electrons get charged, and the silver carries the electricity for immediate use or stores it in batteries to be used later.


Many metal products like wires and pipes are joined together with the help of silver through brazing or soldering with heat.

Silver keeps these connecting points firm, leak-proof, and improves the original material’s electrical conductivity.

Engine Bearings

Helicopters and jets operate for longer periods at high temperatures, and therefore their engines require stronger ball bearings.

Silver electroplating is used to fortify these engines, as it reduces friction and enables the engine to shut down safely in case of emergencies.

Silver Medicinal Uses

Silver is also great for fighting off bacteria. During World War 1, battlefield wounds were often treated with silver sutures and wrapped in silver foils.

Even in recent years, silver is being used in bandages and ointments to fight bacteria, and healthcare equipment and supplies are often embedded with silver.

Water Purifier

Silver brilliantly stops algae and bacteria buildup in the filters of water purification systems that we use in our homes to make them last longer.

Even in community water supplies for pools or spas, silver ions are added to the water as a disinfectant.

Precious Metals Investment

For precious metals buyers, silver coins and bars remain a popular choice. This is also because silver is relatively more affordable, as well as durable. Silver is a wise investment because of its versatile qualities.

If you’re interested in silver investing, get in touch with us at Orion Metal Exchange to buy the best silver bullion coins and bars.

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