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Surprise Your Spouse with A Shiny Christmas Present

Christmas décor complete with Christmas tree and ornaments, wreath, and presents

The most beautiful thing about gifting a loved one a precious metal is that it’s not just a gift — it’s a gift of increasing wealth.

That’s why we’ve put together some precious metal-related gift ideas to make your holiday shopping easier.


Bronze is a mixture of two metals: copper and tin. The two metals combine to make a stronger alloy. Bronze is great for sharp details, which is why it’s very commonly used in statues.

Giving a loved one a bronze gift could symbolize the strength of your relationship.

Several things are fashioned out of bronze that can be used as gifts. Depending on your gift recipient’s preferences, you can choose anything from jewelry to figurines or statues, bronze wine glasses, bronze charms, dog tags, coins, or anything else you could think of customizing.


Silver is one of the most popular high-value metals, especially during the holiday season. Not only is the shiny metal stunning, but its industrial value makes it a sound investment that you make on behalf of your loved ones.

You can purchase silver jewelry, cufflinks, keyrings, and countless customized accessories like keyrings and pocket watches, as well as silver coins or bullions. Silver investing is one of the best long-term presents for your loved one — a gift that keeps on giving.


Gold is 84 times more expensive than silver but 100 times better as a gift.

Humans are naturally drawn to gleaming gold. This has remained true across time and cultures. So, one thing is for sure; gold is guaranteed to bring a smile to whoever you decide to give it to.

When it comes to gold, there are so many options to choose from. Since pure gold is too soft, it usually has to be mixed with other metals, and different metals give it different colors. You can pick white gold or rose gold, or the traditional yellow gold.

Jewelry is the most common route to take, but you can also invest in gold coins as they are easy to store and look pretty regal.


Because it’s rare and more decadent than gold, it will be a more expensive choice. But it is worth every penny.

There are some great benefits to platinum that other metals can’t offer, such as its durability, since it’s usually 95% pure. It’s also hypoallergenic, which makes it a very thoughtful present for somebody with sensitive skin.

Its natural shade is white, which means it can easily be paired with any precious stones, since it won’t cast any color on the rock. 

If you’re from a particularly patriotic clan, it’s a great idea to invest in some of these creatively minted Platinum American Eagle coins.

Get in touch with us, at Orion Metal Exchange, if you’d like us to help you with the best picks for your loved ones this Christmas!

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