Downfall of The Triad: Are We Looking At An Economic Recession In the UK, US and China?

An economic recession isn’t like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, which is to say that it doesn’t happen without warning. It’s a process that’s years in the making, involving many moving pieces—policies, economic shifts, etc.—without one specific influencing factor. But if we were to look back at the Great Recession or the financial …

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Geopolitical Uncertainty and How It Affects Investment Behavior

Let’s turn the pages of history and go back to September 1, 2011, when the WTC bombing took away precious lives and deeply affected the economic system of the US.   The attack that was carried out at the heart of the US financial system took a toll on the GDP as well as the …

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The Relationships between Commodities and Financial Markets

Traditional or alternative, investments are one of the best ways to grow your money. There are a number of reasons why individuals or businesses invest, the primary one being improving profits and making more money. Whether you’re investing for your personal benefit or on behalf of a company, there are tons of ways to invest …

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Has Monetary Policy Reached its Limits?

European Central Bank official Robert Holzmann claims that monetary policy is quickly reaching its limit. According to Holzmann, reducing interest rates isn’t an effective way of increasing output and managing inflation. He believes the government should have greater involvement in the economy in the form of Fiscal policy. Fiscal policy refers to when the government …

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Is Silver A Good Investment? 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Silver Now

Gold and silver are the two of the most popular precious metals and make for a great investment hedge. Investing in these metals can lead to greater benefits; however, smart investors, who understand the unmatchable benefits of precious tangible resources, sometimes choose to invest in silver—a safer investment choice. You could be a seasoned investor …

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Investing In Precious Metals For Your Retirement Plan

Here is how to plan for your retirement by investing in precious metals:

Different Types of Individual Retirement Accounts— Which One's for You?

As our golden years approach and we grow older and weaker, our expenses also begin mounting; most of these are medical expenses. According to a study by Harvard, per person medical care expenses for a senior citizen are roughly $18000 per year, whereas the same for a child are around $3000. This shows that our medical …

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Questions To Ask Before Investing In Precious Metals

Have you had bad experiences with stock investments and are now looking for an alternative? Precious metal investments are just what you need. But before you jump onto the band wagon, there are certain things you might want to know. These include: Should You Invest In Physical or Paper Commodity? The entire purpose of investing …

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Should I Invest in Gold or Silver – Choosing the Right Investment Option

The premise that the values of Gold and Silver will prosper in the coming years as uncertainty continues to loom over the greenback, has led investors to re-think their investment strategy. Focus—an increased focus—is now on the purchase of the two precious metals, even from investors who have previously shown a lack-luster interest in the metallic …

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