Investment as a Way of Pandemic Preparedness

If there’s one person who can chant, “I told you to prepare,” amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s Bill Gates. In 2018, the cofounder of the tech-giant Microsoft urged the authorities worldwide to prepare themselves for a global pandemic. According to him, it could be the most dangerous threat to humanity—worse than a nuclear war—mainly because …

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How Hong Kong Tells Us That Cash and Financial Instruments Aren’t the Answer To long Term Financial Stability

China has long been known as the new kid on the block. It has been competing with the United States on a level that needs to be taken seriously now. If the GDP is analyzed in terms of purchasing power parity of the citizens, China’s is almost the same as that of the US. The …

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Geopolitical Uncertainty and How It Affects Investment Behavior

Let’s turn the pages of history and go back to September 1, 2011, when the WTC bombing took away precious lives and deeply affected the economic system of the US.   The attack that was carried out at the heart of the US financial system took a toll on the GDP as well as the …

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Impending Economic Recession and Falling Interest Rates—How Can You Maintain High Returns in Times of Low Interest Rates

Over the past few months, interest rates have been falling at unprecedented rates—on a global scale. Why? In a bid to pump money back into the system, financial institutions and central banks have intentionally lowered rates to avoid the threat of a global economic recession. With the Brexit deal in tatters, the American trade war …

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Financial Markets Can Make For a Comfortable Retirement and Other Lies to Distract the Individual Investor

While it’s a great decision to prepare for your retirement, many strategies used by people are really counterintuitive when it comes to maximizing their returns over the long-run. One of the biggest lies told by IRA custodians is that investing in conventional financial markets is one of the best ways to prepare for retirement—because these …

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A Step by Step Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver Through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Over its history, gold has taken a myriad of forms and played a number of roles. It’s a marker of wealth, a unit of value, a special ornament, a good conductor of electricity, and most importantly, a way to ensure a financially secure future for your retirement years. For something that’s as precious and expensive …

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3 Benefits Which Make Investing in Precious Metals an Excellent Choice for Your Retirement Plan

Up until they reach retirement age, most people are constantly on the run. We work round the clock and struggle to maintain a work-life balance, we try to save enough to get married in an amazing location, we give our children the best education we can, and buy a house for our families. But in …

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3 Reasons Why Gold Coins Make for the Most Secure Investment

All that glitters is not gold! That’s because gold is basically a miracle metal. It never corrodes, it’s used to make the most beautiful ornaments, and its value rarely faces a steep decline. Gold is even used to pass on wealth from one generation to another. It plays a crucial role in the world economy and …

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Choosing An Investment Dealer For Precious Metals

Here is how to choose an investment dealer for precious metals:

Tips for Choosing a Trusted Precious Metals Investment Dealer

Thinking of investing in precious metals? Even if you’re a financial expert it’s still better that you contact a precious metals investment dealer for assistance. The precious metal market has gone through a lot of ups and downs over the last few years. However, experts agree that the future appears to be bright. Precious Metal …

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